The bruja of brows walks among us in Los Angeles. Her name is Helena Tamargo. The spellbinding Chilean-Californian beautician is perhaps best known for perfecting Selena Gomez’s eyebrows and working her face-framing magic — waxing the bushy or reviving the threadbare. She worked at the pink-and-white dollhouse Benefit Cosmetics in Beverly Grove for nearly a decade, but in late summer broke out on her own. If you’re lucky enough to land an appointment, Tamargo will examine the angles of your face to wax and tweeze your eyebrows into enviable shapes; she’s also an expert at tinting brows, which helps give your furry bad boys a more defined look. Have sensitive skin? She’ll skip the wax and use a threading technique to wrestle your brows into submission. Along with Tamargo’s cool-girl style, complete with a sprinkling of fanciful tattoos, bold lips and fat gold hoops, she makes you feel like you’re a fast friend — and to spend a moment in her chair is to become a cool girl/fella, too, making every sting and wince from the wax removal worth it.

LA Weekly