The Best Athletic Fit Suits for Men to Try in 2023

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A great suit is something that every man needs, they are essential for the workplace, networking events, weddings, and various other important occasions. However, if you’re someone who hits the gym frequently then off the rack traditional suits likely aren’t going to fit right, which can be frustrating. Custom or tailored suits are great but if they don’t feature an athletic design and aren’t made with performance fabrics then they likely won’t be very comfortable for those with an athletic or muscular build. Finding an athletic fitting suit that doesn’t sacrifice on quality is a challenging task. Many of the traditional places to buy suits, like Men’s Wearhouse, only carry a handful of outdated brands that don’t deliver the features and fit that the modern man is looking for. Luckily for you, I’ve done the work of finding and reviewing the best athletic fit suits for you!

What are the Best Men’s Athletic Fit Suits to try in 2023? 

Being considered one of the best men’s athletic fit suits is not easy. The brands on this list have successfully balanced quality, fit, and comfort to create some of the best looking suits around. I looked at brands in all price ranges so I’m confident that you’ll find something you like. Check out our top picks below.

1. State & Liberty Athletic Fit Stretch Suit – Heathered Grey

State Liberty Athletic Fit Stretch Suit Heathered Grey

Maker: State & Liberty 

Top Key Features: Adaptable and functional style options, technical fabric construction adds stretch and mobility, athletic fit, moisture wicking, lightweight, made to order options available 

Returns: Will accept any return that is unworn and resellable, within 90 days of purchase

Price: $550

What’s Good about State & Liberty: 

State & Liberty was founded specifically for men who take care of their bodies. Whether you are an athlete, bodybuilder, or weekend warrior if you are someone who stays active then State & Liberty clothing was designed for you. 

The athletic fit suits from State & Liberty sit at the top of our list as the best overall pick for a number of reasons. Firstly, the material, State & Liberty performance blend fabrics are inspired by modern workout clothes. The fabrics are stretchy, moisture-wicking, and wrinkle free. This offers a ton of benefits that other suits can’t compete with. The stretchy material means the days of ripping seams are behind you. Imagine a tailored suit where you can bend down and tie your shoe or reach above your head without feeling like your blazer or pants are going to bust. The comfort and ability to move is truly unmatched. For hot summer weddings, or if you’re just a guy who sweats a lot, the moisture-wicking fabric is a true game changer. Finally, a wrinkle free suit is another amazing and underrated feature. If you travel a lot for work or have a wedding out of town then you are going to love that you don’t need to iron the suit or get it dry cleaned often.

The next main reason I love these suits is that they are pretty much the only true athletic fitting suits I’ve come across. Most of the other options I’ve come across are slim fit or trim fit suits. But these don’t really work for athletic body types. State & Liberty’s suits are designed to fit those who have a more muscular build. If you have a strong upper body, big thighs, and a muscular backside but a smaller waist then there is no shot that the slim fitting or trim fitting suits are going to work for you. State & Liberty athletic fit suits are built to show off the work you put in at the gym without sacrificing on comfort.

What’s Not So Good

I’ve been wearing State & Liberty performance dress shirts and suits for years and honestly can’t find anything I don’t like. The only thing to note is if you don’t have an athletic body then the fit might not work for you. However, State & Liberty does a pretty good job with their size chart and they also offer free returns and exchanges so you can always order two sizes to make sure you get it right. Additionally, they offer over the phone sizing consultations, to help you accurately determine your size. If you don’t like either of those options, then head to one of their 19 store locations and get fitted by a professional.

The Verdict

State & Liberty is the only place to get a true athletic fitting tapered suit at an affordable price. I think to kick things off you have to start with the classic heathered grey suit shown above. The heathered grey athletic fit suit by State & Liberty is the most versatile option as you can mix and match so many different shirts, ties, and shoes to always have a fresh look. 

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2. State & Liberty Athletic Fit Stretch Suit – Blue Plaid

State Liberty Athletic Fit Stretch Suit Blue Plaid

Price: $625

What’s Good about State & Liberty: 

As mentioned, there really isn’t a better place to shop for athletic fit suits than State & Liberty so I had to list them here twice. Not only can you legit do a backflip in these stretch fitting suits, but they also come in various different colors. You can get traditional gray, black, and navy colors or if you are looking for a bolder look they have sea green, maroon, burnt orange, and plenty of other unique colorways. Personally, I think once you’ve picked up the staple heathered gray suit the next color you need to get is this sharp blue plaid suit.

Due to the great style and comfort that State & Liberty delivers they make outstanding wedding suits and groomsmen suits. If you are thinking about renting a tuxedo I highly suggest that you consider investing in a quality suit instead. Why rent a tux for $250 one time when you can spend an extra couple hundred dollars for a suit that you will absolutely love and wear over and over again. If you have groomsmen who are smart, they’ll understand this and also won’t mind an excuse for the boys to set up a suit fitting that turns into a night out!

What’s Not So Good

The only issue I’ve had with this suit is that it is so popular amongst my friends that we have to text each other before events sometimes so we can avoid matching and looking like the Spider Man meme.

The Verdict

The blue plaid suit is great for any occasion. Whether you have an important business meeting or you are breaking it down on a wedding dance floor this suit will deliver great style and comfort like no other.

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3. Van Heusen Mens Stretch Fabric Slim Fit Suit Jacket – Navy

JCPenny Van Heusen Mens Athletic Fit Suit

Maker: JCPenny 

Top Key Features: Cheap, slim fit, stretch fabric, neutral color

Returns: Can be returned within 60 days with receipt

Price: $208

What’s Good about JCPenny: 

JCPenny has been established in the apparel industry for over a century now and although I love to see companies like State and Liberty shake things up, no one does a bargain like JCPenny. Their Van Heusen mens stretch fabric suit is one of the cheapest on our list coming in at only $208, even lower if you can find it on sale. It has a modern slim fit style and a stretch material giving it great mobility without sacrificing on looks. The neutral navy color is common for suits and will go great at nearly any occasion short of a funeral. 

What’s Not So Good

Although the price is great it comes with some downsides. Namely the fabric, it’s not bad but it’s not going to be able to compete with higher end suits from pricier brands. It is also available in only one color, navy, which is very versatile but if you prefer a little more personality to your suit you will need to look elsewhere.

The Verdict

For bargain hunters or those who just need a suit they know they will never wear again this is a great option. However, if you are looking for a high quality suit that will last a lifetime I believe better options can be found for just a slightly larger investment.

4. BOSS Huge/Genius Wool Twill Slim Fit Suit – Charcoal

BOSS Huge Genius Wool Twill Slim Fit Suit Charcoal

Maker: Hugo Boss

Top Key Features: Slim fit, two button closure, chest pocket, double vented, unhemmed pants, multiple colors, quality material

Returns: Will accept any unworn items within 60 days, shipping label is included in box when shipped to your address.

Price: $795

What’s Good about Hugo Boss: 

Hugo Boss has gone through many changes over recent years, but one thing’s for sure, their dedication to quality has remained the same. Coming up on their hundred year anniversary in 2024 it is clear that they must be doing something right.

I can see this in their high quality athletic fit suits. Constructed of a high quality wool, few suits feel as great as Hugo Boss’s. On top of their traditional materials Hugo Boss has managed to pull off a modern construction, giving a slimming appearance. Great for work, evening events and nearly anything else you can think of, I love Hugo Boss for those looking for a more traditional heritage brand suit. 

What’s Not So Good

Hugo Boss’s suits come in on the higher end of the price spectrum at nearly $800, don’t forget, depending on your wardrobe you may still need to purchase a shirt, tie, shoes, and a belt which will easily put you over a grand. On top of that, the wool material is not as flexible as some other brands on this list so you will be paying a higher price for less comfort.

The Verdict

Hugo Boss has been making some of the highest quality suits available for some time now and clearly has it down to a science. The slim fit design and high quality materials are great for those who can afford them and don’t mind a little added discomfort compared to other suits.

5. Emporio Armani Super 130s Wool Two-Piece Suit – Black

Emporio Armani Super 130s Wool Two Piece Suit Black

Maker: Emporio Armani

Top Key Features: Lightly padded shoulder, slimming fit, straight leg trousers, high quality material 

Returns: Can be returned within 20 days of delivery.

Price: $1695

What’s Good about Emporio Armani: 

Talk about a brand name, Armani, has been one of the most sought after and high quality clothing creators for nearly 50 years now, so much so they even have an entire episode of Seinfeld dedicated to one of their suits. 

For those looking to make a statement this suit will certainly do so. Although the colors are subtle and the construction is relatively simple, that is the beauty of Armani, they do the simplest things exceptionally well. This suit is constructed of very high quality wool with a slimming fit and an overwhelming sensation of luxury sure to give you confidence and impress anyone around you.

What’s Not So Good

I have talked about price quite a bit in this section but this one certainly takes the cake. Coming in at nearly $1700, over triple our best overall pick, you are certainly paying for the luxury in this case. But if a name is important to you Armani is a brand to look at.

The Verdict

If you have the money it can be hard to turn this one down. The heritage, name, and construction of Armani suits speaks for itself. However, don’t feel like you need to shell out a small fortune to feel and look great. All of our suits on this list are far below this price point, but I had to throw one in for the ultra-wealthy.

6. Jos. A. Bank Travel Tech Collection Slim Fit Suit – French Blue

Jos. A. Bank Travel Tech Collection Slim Fit Suit

Maker: Jos. A. Bank

Top Key Features: Slim fit, neutral color, zippered utility pockets, two button closure

Returns: Can be returned within 90 days from shipping, accompanied with receipt.

Price: $398

What’s Good about Jos. A. Bank: 

Finally rounding out our list is a brand that has been offering high quality, low cost suit options to men across the country for years now, Jos. A. Bank. Their suits are great quality, designed with the modern man in mind and won’t break the bank.


One great feature about this suit is that it can be purchased as a look for only one dollar more. Meaning that for $399 you can get a shirt and tie to go with it that have been hand picked by professional stylists. This is great for those who don’t want to put too much thought into styling their look but still want to look great or who may be styling their first suit. On top of that the slim fit and stretch material put this suit in a solid position when it comes to entry level athletic fit suits. 

 What’s Not So Good

Limited color options rear their ugly head again as this suit only comes in french blue and graphite. Versatile as they are, I would like to see more modern color options from modern fitting suits in this price range. Additionally, this is more of a slim fitting suit than an athletic fit. You don’t see the same type of taper here that you would with a true athletic fit. This suit is also primarily wool material so it isn’t going to offer the same combination of muscle hugging fit and premium stretch fit comfort like our top picks on the list.

The Verdict

This is not a bad option if you don’t own any ties or shirts and are trying to save money. However, if you were to try a brand like State & Liberty you would never wear this suit again and would end up getting rid of it and regretting the purchase. Spend a little extra for a premium suit that you will love and wear again and again.

FAQs About Athletic Fit Suits

Where can I buy athletic fit suits for men?

State & Liberty is the only brand I know of to make a truly athletic fit suit. They are catered towards athletic builds in everything they do and it certainly shows in their suits. I recommend checking out S&L first when looking for athletic fit suits, athletic fit dress pants, performance dress shirts, and any other formal wear necessities. 

What is the best material for men’s athletic fit suits?

Making an athletic fit suit is a tricky thing to do. In order to create the slimming look associated with an athletic fit suit brands need to remove material and make the suit tighter fitting to the body. This can heavily affect mobility when brands are not careful. That is why it is important to find a suit that is made of a stretch material, usually a blend of polyester and a few other performance fabrics, to ensure you remain comfortable and look great.

Where can I wear an athletic fit suit?

You can wear an athletic fit suit anywhere you would wear a typical suit. Athletic fit suits will make you look better and feel more confident. So long as you have a good pair of shoes you will also be the most comfortable person in the room.

Why should I purchase an athletic fit suit?

A suit is a necessity for many occasions but looking great in them can be challenging. This is especially true for athletic body types as the multiple layers and overall tailoring of suits can lead to a rounded appearance with less definition. Athletic fit suits avoid that issue by allowing you to show off your chiseled body without breaking dress code.

How many suits does a man need?

The answer to this question entirely depends on how often you are in formal settings. If you wear suits on the job daily, having 5 or 6 wouldn’t hurt. If you just wear them occasionally then a grey or black suit and a blue suit are the only 2 you really need.

Are suits worth it?

Not only are suits worth it, they are required for many situations. Every man needs at least 2 great suits. I also recommend investing in a nice athletic fit overcoat to accompany your suit if you live in colder climates.

How should an athletic suit fit?

Athletic fit suits are meant to fit snugly without being uncomfortable. They should be more tapered in the torso than typical suits but not be so tight that there is pulling in the back or you have difficulty breathing. If you are unsure about how your suit should fit you can always check with your local tailor or with State and Liberty’s over the phone sizing consultations.

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