Inspired by his young daughter's battle with luekemia, entrepreneur Dave Lefkow is auctioning off a life-sized bust of Kevin Bacon to benefit his non-profit charity Ashley's Team. Lefkow crafted the bust himself–out of the very product with which his company J & D's made its bones: Bacon Salt, a bizarrely kosher, strangely low-sodium, weirdly vegetarian substance that saturates whatever it graces with the powerful, tongue-tingling aura of cured pork belly. No word as to whether or not he used his company's other hit product Baconnaise as mortar. Bacon Kevin Bacon, as the bust has been named, is currently selling on eBay.

While the bust isn't edible (sorry, anyone who was looking forward to licking Kevin Bacon's face) it costs (as of 7:31 p.m. on Sunday, the 3rd of October) a mere $1,624. Hmm, let's see–a crappy car on Craigslist or Bacon Kevin Bacon? Tough call, right? Unlike that crappy car, according to Lefkow, the bust will last “through the apocalypse”, so no need to worry about building a custom fridge the size of Kevin Bacon's dome-piece. While this should not in any sense make this work less alluring to a prospective buyer, there is one perceivable drawback. Judging from the photos we've seen, Bacon Kevin Bacon doesn't look like Kevin Bacon.

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