AYYBO Wants to Get You Moving: Anaheim tech-house rising star AYYBO started DJing in high school in 2016.

“They needed upbeat music to play during our dodgeball tournaments,” he says. “When looking for high energy music I started to really fall in love with electronic music. I taught myself how to play piano and was in my school’s drumline at the time, so I started to produce electronic music as my obsession grew stronger. I started to take music seriously in 2021 as I started to be aware of my progression. The passion and motivation has only grown as I felt this strong sense of purpose.”

He describes his sound today as, “a blend of dark grooves and jazz through the medium of house.” Meanwhile, he thinks electronic music in California is heading in the right direction.

“There’s so many artists that have been carving their own sound and adding diversity which makes this scene so exciting,” he says. “It’s like a never ending cycle of evolution that is flourishing with new directions and sub-genres. Electronic music in California is so malleable where you can find all kinds of music and artists that come from all around the world. That’s why I love living here, it’s abundant with creativity that sees no boundaries.”

His latest release is the “Move Like This” single.

“‘Move Like This’ is one of my most eccentric tracks that pushes a hard-hitting dark groove with my vocals,” AYYBO says. “I wrote the lyrics from being inspired by pop and lock dance moves since I wanted it to feel like a physical dance. Commanding you to ‘Move Like This’ as the bass line acts as the action.”

Finally, AYYBO has plenty planned for the rest of this year.

“Two music videos are on the way and some of my favorite tracks I’ve written will be coming out this year,” he says. “I can’t say a whole lot more but I’m just so excited to show everyone what I’ve been working hard on.”

AYYBO Wants to Get You Moving: AYYBO’s “Move Like This” is out now.





































































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