Australian Duo Tell Night Tales: Australian duo Night Tales have been DJing and producing for over a decade.
“We both quit our jobs in July of 2017 to give this project all the time and attention it deserved,” they say. “It was the best decision we’ve made to date!”
They describe their sound as “dance music with stirring chords, emotive lyrics, and some cinematic elements.”
“We wanted to capture the darker parts of our personalities relating to all things that happen in the night,” they say.
Night Tales relocated from Australia to Los Angeles to be closer to their label, agent and manager.
“L.A. truly is the land of opportunity,” they say. “Every day we’re presented with inspiration from other artists and creatives that are on similar paths.”
The latest release os the “Thinking About You” single.
“Our first adventure was leaving Australia in August 2021 in the midst of the pandemic to embark on our first US tour.,” they say. “What was meant to be two weeks of touring turned into three months of being stranded due to Australia canceling all flights into the country. We did find a temporary residence in a derelict, old home in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee. Living on air mattresses and pasta—we truly felt lost and yearned for home. This experience was the inspiration behind our new single.”
Looking ahead, they have plenty planned for 2022.
“We’ll be releasing regular singles throughout the year with a lead up to our debut album dropping around October this year,” they say. “We have a confirmed slot at Electric Forrest in Michigan followed by a 9 date national headline tour for North America.”
Australian Duo Tell Night Tales: The “Thinking About You” single is out now.

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