You've been known to splurge on boutique fish sauce and $10 cocktails, but are you ready for the level of luxury and status a splash of super-fancy, ultra-special, mega-perfect Greek olive oil can confer? Seeing as just one teaspoon of Speiron's ritziest edition of its Lambda oil costs as much as a last-minute ticket to Vegas — approximately $147 — you're probably going to leave this salad drizzle to the real ballers.

According to Clare Leschin-Hoar's Take Part article, an entire 17-ounce gold-lacquered bottle of this Lambda costs $15,000 (a “regular” Lambda sells for $14,900 less) and comes with the purchaser's signature. Leschin-Hoar points to SmartMonday's Charles Passy, who notes that the olive oil's appeal isn't just about its sumptuous mouth feel, its fruity undertones or its vibrancy, but “exclusivity.”

Yeah, we'd say so. This bottle might just live on a gilded pantry shelf, unopened and untouched. That said, we could also see some tycoon cruising around the Aegean and actually serving up a boatside Caprese to his very special guests: rounds of Mozzarella, hothouse tomatoes and a squirt of the really good stuff. Once the oil runs dry, maybe he'll use the bottle (after all, it's the real reason for all the zeroes on the price tag) to keep his napkin from blowing away.

LA Weekly