Chet Callahan (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Doug Meyer (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Chris Bogia (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Christopher Wrobleski (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Cole Sternberg (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Ilan Rubin (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Jake Kean Mayman (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Jason Koharik (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Jonathan Nesci (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Keenan Rowe (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Maayan Zilberman (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Miller Robinson (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Nicholas Konert (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Peter Shire (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Simon Haas (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Stefan Rurak (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Tanya Aguiniga (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Vincent Pocsik (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)Yolande Batteau (courtesy of FURTH YASHAR &)

SOLO SHOW is a hot take group show produced for Instagram by the peripatetic curatorial project FURTH YASHAR &, featuring brand new works by dozens of artists and designers — and when we say brand new, we’re talking works made within the first 72 hours after L.A.’s Safer at Home went into effect.

Combining a fascinating cross-section of urgency, anxiety, dark humor, hopefulness and improvisation, the exhibition is both a statement in response to the new socio-emotional circumstances, and itself a test of various conventional art platforms’ broader ability to adapt to the new uncertain realities of the art world’s exhibition/event/viewing/sales dynamics.

Conceived specifically for Instagram, the show has been rolling out one new piece daily, as a prompt for as much reflection, distraction, and connectivity as possible on your iPhone — and in so doing is also deconstructing how we think about installation and experiential aspects in organizing “a group show” by another means. And proceeds benefit charities chosen by the artists.

“With new parameters comes newfound inspiration,” the gallery says in its show statement. “As traditional forms of experiencing culture are now shut down, we are able to embrace something new—a non-physical exhibition.”


  • Simon Haas (Haas Brothers)
  • Peter Shire
  • Elyse Graham
  • Tanya Aguiniga
  • Cole Sternberg
  • RTH (Rene Tadeo)
  • Kelly Lamb
  • Alex P. White
  • Jason Koharik
  • Maria Moyer
  • Peter Lane
  • Chris Bogia
  • Michele Quan (M.Quan)
  • Yoland Batteau
  • Doug Meyer
  • Jonathan Nesci
  • Maayan Zilberman
  • Michael Reynolds + Eric Hoffman
  • Jake Kean Mayman
  • Vincent Pocsik
  • Chris Wrobleski
  • Chet Callahan Architects
  • Pretend Plants and Flowers
  • Meals Clothing
  • Iris Delphine
  • Chuck Moffit
  • Miller Robinson
  • Alison Steingold and Albert Kass
  • Alex Miller (Male Glaze)
  • Ilan Rubin
  • Nicholas Konert
  • Stefan Rurak
  • Keenan Rowe
  • MUR


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