Apashe is the Antagonist: Brussels-born/Montreal-based electronic artist Apashe got started with production first in different stages.

“Around the age of 9, I started messing in Fruity Loops that my sister had installed on my dad’s computer,” he says. “It was kind of a game to me, you click on little boxes and it makes a simple beat. It’s only a few years later around the age 14/15, I realised that the same ‘game’ is actually a very powerful tool that I can use to make music similar to the one I listen to. That’s when I took this whole thing more seriously. Then later on when my music got some attention I started DJ-ing so I could play it at parties.”

Apashe says that his sound today is hard to nail down.

“It’s always hard to pinpoint because it goes in all directions but the one thing that often ties it all together is the classical or orchestral side of it,” Apashe says. “I can do a rap song, house or even drum and bass but the one thing that you can notice in all those songs is the strong classical music influence in there.”

Apashe’s Antagonist album is due to land in November.

“It’s been a two year process and recorded it in different places,” he says. “Most of the initial idea’s (demo’s) were done on the road or in Montreal where my studio is located. But then the recordings of symphonic orchestras and choir was done in two parts. The first one in Prague at the Rudolfinum where I recorded my first album then later we went to Sofia in Bulgaria to record the second part of the album and a choir as well with the SIF 309 Muzik Orchestra.”

He performs in L.A., at the Novo, on October 13.

“First, I’m really excited to come back in L.A. in an even bigger room this time,” he says. “L.A. has always been good and this time we’re stepping everything up. I will be performing my new album along with my first one live with a brass orchestra. All that with a big light and visuals production that immerse people into my little majestic universe.”

Looking ahead, Apashe has plenty planned for the remainder of the year, going into the start of 2024.

“As I’m speaking we’re finishing another music video, probably the craziest one we’re ever done,” he says. “It was shot in Mongolia and has crazy vfx. Not gonna spoil too much but I’m excited to release it. Going on a bus tour with all the musician is a first experience for me and finally yes going to release this new album!”

Apashe is the Antagonist: Apashe performs at the Novo on October 13.







































































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