With her debut album PRINCESS POP THAT making waves, Anycia, the renowned Atlanta rapper behind party anthem “BACK OUTSIDE” (featuring Latto) caught up with LA Weekly to discuss her artistic endeavors.

Anycia’s lively spirit and magnetic personality were on full display where she expounded on her debut album while perusing the showroom’s carefully curated fashion offerings.

“It’s just me being myself,” she said, describing PRINCESS POP THAT. “The cadence is still there, but it’s like I’m doing all types of beats on the album, getting into all different bags.”

Anycia lit up the space with her humor, grace, and charm as she addressed the room. “As you can tell, I’m extremely transparent with everybody,” she said behind an infectious smile. Containing themes of female empowerment, authenticity, and intimacy, PRINCESS POP THAT is a clear representation of the mind and spirit of Anycia. She wants to share these sentiments with women all over the world, saying “I know the real [girls] are going to feel the album, and that’s all that matters.”

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Anycia’s career has taken off over the past year, and it came with a lot of hard work and sacrifice. In 2022, she was working two jobs to support her musical aspirations. “Monday through Friday I was working at a daycare, and Friday through Sunday I was working as a waitress. I literally took no days off.” 

Coming from generations of hardworking women, Anycia always valued hard work and a steady job. When she decided that it was time to pursue her dream full-time, she applied that same work ethic to her craft and talent. “When my grandma told me this, it clicked. She said ‘if you’re going to [pursue music], do it 100%.’”

Just over a year later, after quitting both jobs to pursue music, Anycia has multiple sold-out shows under her belt, a debut album, and multiple hit songs with collaborators like Latto, Cash Cobain, and Karrahboo. 

PRINCESS POP THAT is an amazing introduction to the exuberant and authentic Anycia. Stand out songs include BAD WEATHER, a laid back track inspired by an unseasonably rainy trip to LA, and NENE’s PRAYER, a cleverly written song fantasizing the misfortunes one would wish on an ex-friend or partner.

Check out PRINCESS POP THAT and the rest of her discography on all streaming platforms and follow the lovely Anycia on social media for her musical updates and of course, her radiant energy.

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