Anxiety Boys: Trying to Entertain Through the Pandemic


Pure comedy is notoriously difficult to pull off, but this genre of movies has never failed to entertain audiences from all walks of life. Needless to say, there are only a few filmmakers in the industry who have managed to outshine others with their work in the comedy genre, and one such example is Ben Ball. He is the mastermind behind the uproarious mockumentary series Anxiety Boys.

Ben Ball is a filmmaker whose creative brilliance knows no bounds. With a knack for storytelling and an ability to engage audiences with humor, Ball has fortified his position as a sought-after filmmaker in the realm of comedy. The cult success of Anxiety Boys during the pandemic became a milestone project in Ball’s career. It is a comedic gem that follows the misadventures of an aspiring music manager, Andrew, played by Andrew Hurt. With high aspirations, Andrew eagerly explores the opportunity to represent the enigmatic Xanne Hathaway, portrayed by Ball himself. However, the story unfolds a hysterical journey of shattered dreams and mumble rap mishaps.

When it comes to Ben Ball’s creative prowess as a filmmaker, Anxiety Boys is just the tip of the iceberg. With an illustrious budding career spanning over a decade, Ball has made his mark in the entertainment industry with several projects. Before acting and starring in the short film The Text, he went on to direct and produce his own, Davey D. and Blu Raymond’s Human Powered History Hour, for Adult Swim, both of which have kept audiences hooked to their screens. Ball was also a part of a comedy troupe named HauntedWifi. From producing and starring in his own web series to securing a pilot order from Adult Swim, Ball’s career has always been on an upward curve.

Beyond his accomplishments, Ball likes to entertain and connect with audiences through his personal channel on YouTube. His journey from a farmhouse in northern Ontario to the glitz and glamor of the entertainment industry reflects his unwavering passion for storytelling. Considering his humble beginning, it becomes evident that filmmaking was more than just a career choice for Ball; it was a lifeline. Ball used this avenue to escape the turmoil in the world around him and create his own better world.

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It was during the pandemic, however, that Ball began a unique journey. Prior to the worldwide shutdown, Ball filmed his mini-series called Anxiety Boys for just $5,000 in the span of one week. “Wrapping on March 1st, 2020, we just barely got it shot in time for it to be in post-production during a time when nothing else really was in that stage,” he says.

Unfortunately, Ball and his team struggled to find a buyer. Instead of giving up, they pulled together and chose to present it to the world themselves, understanding that comedy was especially important to the world during this time. Despite their own struggles with creation during the shutdown, the team chose to finish and release the series. “The comedy we made was to make us laugh, but the process to continue creating no matter what was a service that we saw as being for the audience,” Ball says of their work.

Going forward, Ben Ball has bigger plans to work on. Whether it is a sitcom or collaborating with fellow creatives on a passion project, Ball’s ultimate goal is to be part of a creative family where he can contribute his unique talents and make a meaningful impact.

As Ben Ball continues his journey in the realm of filmmaking, he also highlights the importance of bringing comedy to the world even through the toughest of times. With a unique approach to storytelling that captivates hearts, Ball continues to inspire creators to share their stories with the world, even when times seem impossibly difficult.

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