Most Angelenos may not root for New York Knicks star Amar'e Stoudemire, but they may at least appreciate what he eats. The dapper, self-proclaimed “Hebrew” with a tough and much-traveled backstory, Stoudemire has taken to posting pictures of his personal chef-prepared breakfasts and pre-game noshes on his Facebook feed. The results? We can't taste through the screen, but we're guessing you could try this at home.

While former teammate Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns, a famously Spartan eater, will post 100-word paeans to quinoa, sweet potatoes and nuts, Stoudemire clearly attempts to balance flavor and nutrition — while keeping kosher. A day after his team sustained a beating courtesy of the New Jersey Nets, Stoudemire was chowing down on a “Spanish frittata with grilled NY strip and fresh squeezed OJ.” On the morning of another loss — this one to the Hornets — the power forward enjoyed “a California omelette with a fresh cheddar biscuit.”

Other menu standouts of weeks past from Chez Amar'e include jerked chicken with coconut peas and rice, corn flake-crusted cod with braised chard and tricolor potatoes, and grouper en papillote with couscous and broccoli. While we'd like to imagine Stoudemire, with those thick-rimmed glasses and a floppy toque, folding his own papillote, the player always gives credit to Chef Maxcel Hardy. In a recent Huffington Post piece about the pair's relationship, the writer says that, according to Hardy, Stoudemire has embraced a “full-out foodie lifestyle.” What's next — tomato vines on the roof of his apartment, hams hanging in the bathroom and jars of pickles bubbling in a vat on the vintage stove?

"jerk chicken, coconut peas & rice braised cabbage"; Credit: Amar'e Stoudemire

“jerk chicken, coconut peas & rice braised cabbage”; Credit: Amar'e Stoudemire

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