AIMMIA Hypnotizes: L.A. based DJ-producer and live vocalist AIMMIA began producing music in Ableton in 2019, and picked up DJing during the summer of 2020.

“The turning point came in November 2022 when a teaser for my debut single ‘Group Therapy’ went viral, accumulating over 3 million views,” she says. “That’s when things really started to get serious for me.”

AIMMIA describes her sound today as a fusion of Energetic Tech House and melodic techno.

“My signature style involves incorporating my own vocals into every track, alongside driving basslines and memorable melodies,” she says. “I’m particularly passionate about crafting lyrics that are relatable and evoke indescribable emotions.”

Her latest release is “Hypnotize.”

“‘Hypnotize’ was crafted to portray the sensation of losing oneself in the music,” AIMMIA says. “I focused on creating a hypnotic rhythm and ethereal vocals to take the listener on a journey to another realm. Stepping outside of my comfort zone, I decided to integrate my singing voice for the first time alongside my usual spoken word vocals. I recorded and produced this track in October at my home studio in Venice, CA.”

AIMMIA believes that the electronic music scene is “thriving” today.

“I admire how all genres within the electronic music realm are embracing experimentation beyond their traditional boundaries,” she says. “Seeing the far-reaching impact of electronic music is genuinely thrilling, and I feel grateful to be part of such a vibrant community. Moments like the NFL featuring Kaskade as the first-ever Super Bowl DJ and Coachella booking more EDM acts this year than ever before are groundbreaking. They highlight the growing recognition and appreciation for the electronic music scene on a global scale.”

Looking ahead, AIMMIA has plenty planned for 2024.

“I have some exciting plans lined up for 2024, including new music releases, collaborations, and live shows,” she says. “The VIP mix of ‘Hypnotize’ is in works to release very soon, so keep an eye out for it! While I can’t reveal all the details about my other projects and shows just yet, make sure to follow me on social media to be the first to hear about all the updates!”

AIMMIA Hypnotizes: AIMMIA’s “Hypnotize” is out now.






















































































































































































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