Valentino Khan Rides the Powerline: Producer and DJ Valentino Khan first started producing music when he was a teenager making rap beats in his bedroom.

“At that time, I would mess around with vinyl records on a cheap DJ setup I had at home, but I had no real direction with it,” Khan says. “Upon discovering dance music years later, it brought me full circle back to DJing. Things really started to take off for me once I began to create original dance tracks and putting them on SoundCloud. I slowly built a fanbase and fast forward from that point, I’m touring all over the place.”

Regarding his sound, Khan takes great pride in being a versatile producer, touching on almost every genre of dance music.

“While I’ve established house music as my bread and butter, these days I’ve been diving into the world of techno,” he says. “It’s been a cool process scouring the internet for all these new artists and playing their music in my sets.  All of that has gone hand in hand with making my new techno-heavy EP – POWERLINE.”

The POWERLINE EP is Khan’s latest release.

“I realized there were so many sounds within ‘techno’ and I wanted to touch on a multitude of them,” he says. “The fact that the term techno can mean completely different things to different people sparked my excitement in terms of being able to give my unique take on what it all means. We seemingly haven’t come to a consensus on what the genre is but maybe that’s the beauty of it. It can all live cohesively but not have a singular hyper-defined sound to it. I worked with some really dope people on this project so huge shouts out to Uffie, Chrome Sparks, Bipolar Sunshine, Pauline Herr and Sarah de Warren. They all brought their own sound to the table and I think the uniqueness of the final product is definitely a result of that.”

On February 29, Khan will perform at the Echoplex, and it promises to be a great night.

“When I started my POWERLINE parties at the Echoplex, I intentionally wanted to keep it an all secret lineup and have it be a regular place to build community,” he says. “That was a big part about coming up in the L.A. scene — you could go to these regular parties and see familiar faces but also there was the element of surprise of not knowing who would show up to spin.  I wanted to have festival level DJs step outside of their comfort zones & play all techno sets.  For my first party, I brought Diplo & Alison Wonderland out but also some amazing buzzing techno talent like Triptykh, Jacobra & Cyboy.  It was everything I had hoped for.  We sold out the next show within just a couple hours of pre-sale so I couldn’t be happier with the love it’s received.”

Looking ahead, Khan has plenty planned for 2024.

“I’m hyped on 2024,” he says. “I have a massive High Power show planned at The Midway in San Francisco in February, but also some dope back to back sets with Dillon Francis & Deorro coming up. My POWERLINE EP drops March 1. I’ve been working in the studio with Alison Wonderland on new music and I’m also excited to show everyone this upcoming collab I have with Cuco. There’s a lot going on and I can’t wait to slowly share it all with you.”

Valentino Khan’s POWERLINE is out March 1. He performs at 9 p.m. on Thursday, February 29 at the Echoplex.

























































































































































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