Adam DeMarco’s Book, Battles Within, Provides an Insider’s Perspective on Recent American History

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Major Adam DeMarco came to national prominence when he spoke out against the forced clearing of peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square in Washington D.C. on June 1st. DeMarco had been brought in as a liaison between the District of Columbia National Guard and the United States Park Police. DeMarco bore witness to numerous incongruities in the statements made by the Park Police and the false reporting on the incident afterward which sought to obscure the unwarranted use of force with political spin. It was only later that DeMarco realized that the park was cleared, with largely peaceful protesters being subjected to an undue escalation of force, in order to facilitate a photo opportunity for then-President Donald Trump in front of the nearby historic St. John’s Church.

Compelled by his lifelong commitment to defending American ideals, and appalled by the flagrant violation of first amendment rights, DeMarco would subsequently testify before a Congressional committee on their uncalled-for misuse of power. Although DeMarco’s “whistleblowing” on this incident is what brought him to prominence, his testimony on the events of June 1st is but one step along his lifelong path in making American ideals more commensurate with American realities.

DeMarco has been serving the American people in a military capacity for nearly two decades. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service and the McDonough Business School, he served as a field artillery officer in both the active and reserve components of the United States Army including support to numerous contingency operations overseas. In addition to his military service, DeMarco is a successful business consultant and business owner who has worked in nonprofit, private, and public sectors.

As a Cadet at West Point, DeMarco spent years preparing to become  a commissioned army officer, and more importantly a “leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country,” DeMarco says.

It is DeMarco’s strong sense of honor to the American people, stemming from the honor code he inculcated while at West Point, to “not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do”, which first put him in the spotlight in the summer of 2020. But that is just one small piece of his story.

DeMarco’s wide-ranging observations, perspectives, and experiences form the brunt of his semi-autobiographical book, Battles Within: My Journey of Self & Service.

In Battles Within, DeMarco provides commentary and analyses of some of the most important events in recent U.S. history, from the Lafayette Square incident to January 6th and finally the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the fight to save Americans and Afghan allies. He also documents his time spent overseas, but as he says “this isn’t another war story, it’s a human story.”

These subjects, as well as many others, are covered by DeMarco with an uncommon candidness and compassion. Furthermore, DeMarco’s analyses are greatly benefitted by his keen understanding of military operations, his passion for history, and his refreshingly blunt transparency and self-awareness. He is also extremely forthright about his own personal struggles as he seeks to destigmatize mental health issues by openly talking about his battles with PTSD and depression.

DeMarco takes considerable efforts to historically contextualize the conflicts he covers and was involved in, to aid the reader in making sense of the more seemingly senseless happenings. Throughout, Demarco tries to answer the underlying questions of “how did we get here?” and “where do we go from here?”

Battles Within will provide readers with an insider’s perspective that will take them across the world, into the breach, behind closed doors, and upfront and close to some incredibly trying, complex, and downright terrifying experiences. He will make you laugh with his witty banter and leave you teary-eyed as he chronicles some extremely seminal, indelible, and unforgettable moments in his life. But more importantly, DeMarco will leave readers inspired to not only self-reflect on their own journey, but more importantly, ask themselves how they can positively impact the journeys of others.

Battles Within: My Journey of Self & Service is set to be released on March 7th, 2023.

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