8 Self-Made Women To Watch In 2023

We live in a world where gender equality remains an ongoing journey. However, some remarkable women have defied stereotypes and societal expectations to carve their own paths to success. These extraordinary individuals, embodying the spirit of self-reliance, have left an indelible mark on their respective fields, showing us that greatness knows no gender bounds.

Today, let’s embark on an empowering journey in the lives of these inspiring mentors. Whether in technology, art, science, business, or philanthropy, each story is a testament to the power of determination, hard work and an unwavering belief in their abilities. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences not only show that women can become resilient but also highlight their strengths and contributions to life.

By celebrating their achievements, we honor these exceptional women. These self-made women have been beacons of hope, broken barriers and opened doors for future generations. Check out their amazing stories and have the courage to embrace your own ambitions and create a world where every woman can succeed.

Martha Handler

Martha Hunt Handler is an environmentalist, a wolf advocate, an explorer and a published author. She has been an active board member of the Wolf Conservation Center for over 20 years and currently serves as Board President. Martha is passionate about protecting and re-establishing wolves in the wild. She is currently raising capital to update their campus, including building a larger pavilion to educate more people about the urgent need to advance the survival of two critically endangered wolf species.

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Her debut novel, Winter of the Wolf, explores themes of grief, suicide, intuition, spiritualism, and Inuit culture. Martha has been featured on over 100 podcasts discussing her book and the experiences that inspired it. Winter of the Wolf was named Barnes and Noble’s Top Indy Pick and a BookShelf Top Indy Pick finalist and is currently on the New York Times Bestseller list.

In addition to her work as an author and environmentalist, Martha is also active on Instagram and a founding member of the Women’s Wolfpack, a community of women who support and uplift each other in pursuing their passions. The Wolfpack members have thus far held fundraisers for the American Heart Association, Animal Nation and The Diabetes Research Institute. She frequently connects with members through various methods (full moon ceremonies, hikes, bonfires, etc.) in order to foster connections within the group and a sense of sisterhood. She also enjoys exploring the natural world, especially the coldest climates like Antarctica and the Arctic.

Overall, Martha’s dedication to advancing the survival of wolves, her passion for writing, and her involvement in empowering women, make her a top self-made woman in her niche.

Carrie Drinkwine

Carrie Drinkwine, a self-made icon, has revolutionized the wellness world with her unique approach. Starting from nothing, she built a thriving seven-figure business by practicing innovative health methods that have transformed the lives of thousands. Blending natural herbalism, homeopathy, and detoxification with regenerative science, Carrie has created a new health and wellness paradigm that nurtures the body, mind, and spirit.

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Unlike traditional health experts, Carrie focuses on the complete well-being of individuals. She tackles the root cause of illness by rebalancing physiological imbalances, revitalizing the nervous system, and fortifying spiritual and emotional strength. This holistic approach ignites the body’s natural healing mechanisms, accelerating recovery.

Carrie’s groundbreaking health concept emerged from her own health struggles. Overcoming multimorbidity when all hope seemed lost, she healed herself using innovative methods. Today, at Wise Wellness Clinic, she has successfully cured numerous patients with seemingly incurable diseases and also actively owns/teaches at the Institute of Regenerative Health to share her knowledge globally and train practitioners all over the world.

In addition to her expertise in health, Carrie is a respected freedom and success coach. She uplifts lives by helping clients understand their dominant frequency and learn how to transform their vibration to align them with their desires, guiding people from darkness into light, illness into vibrant health and transforming lack into overflow. Carrie is a true trailblazer, inspiring individuals worldwide to embrace holistic well-being and achieve their highest potential.

Crystal Harris

Crystal Harris, a self-made entrepreneur, has become a shining example of triumph and inspiration in the world of women empowerment. For nearly a decade, Crystal has passionately connected with women through her successful beauty salon, where she realized her calling to help them on a deeper level.

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Now, Crystal is transitioning her focus to her wellness coaching brand, driven by her own journey of healing from childhood trauma. As a certified life coach and meditation facilitator, she is committed to providing women with the tools to ignite their healing and manifest their destined lives.

Crystal’s vision extends beyond superficial beauty. She seeks to awaken the inner beauty within women, leading them on a path of self-discovery and personal growth. Her upcoming website and growing social media presence will further amplify her message.

With notable achievements as a salon owner and speaker at women empowerment events and as a guest speaker at OC WEspeak hosted by Oxnard College, Crystal is on a mission to impact lives on a larger scale. She aspires to host her own conference, organize meditation retreats, and offer transformative resources worldwide.

Crystal Harris is a force to be reckoned with, determined to empower women to embrace their inner beauty and unlock their true potential.

Lacey Waterman

Lacey Waterman is an accomplished self-made individual and founder of Strand Studio, a full-service branding and advertising studio headquartered out of her A. Quincy Jones home, made available for client and film shoots. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising from Art Center College of Design and a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Yale University, Lacey has honed her expertise in this field. She continues to give back with over six years of teaching experience.

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Lacey has worked with some of the biggest companies in the industry, such as Mythology (Previously Partners&Spade), TBWA/Chiat/Day, McCann Erickson, Red Antler, Pentagram, Media Arts Lab, Google Creative Lab, and Droga5. Her client work ranges from self-funded start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, including Ollie, Sonos, GoPuff and Amazon — all a testament to her exceptional work rooted in strategic brand building.

Lacey’s work has garnered her numerous awards and recognition at Cannes, The Obie Awards, The One Show, The Clios, The Andy Awards, and The Art Director’s Club. Her name has been featured in many esteemed publications such as D&AD, Communication Arts, Lürzer’s Archive, Shots Magazine, and CMYK Magazine.

What sets Lacey apart is her unwavering commitment to the quality of work and one-on-one relationships with clients and collaborators. With her heart and soul poured into Strand Studio, Lacey is poised to continue breaking barriers and building impactful brands in the future.

Carina Remi

Carina Remi, a mindful trailblazer and spiritual thought leader, radiates charisma and uplifts others. She has shared wisdom for eight years, triumphing over adversities to become a beacon of light. Refusing to let her struggles define her, Carina is known for her passion for service and charismatic presence. She generously shares the lessons she has learned from her experiences, guiding and inspiring others on their journey toward spiritual awakening and self-realization.

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With an Honors Degree in Philosophy, Carina’s accomplishments span academia and business. She’s an active Rising Stars Foundation and Monday Girl Social Club member. As a self-published author, Carina’s words resonate with authenticity. Through Soul Tribe, she fosters a community for mindfulness, self-discovery, and empowerment.

Soul Tribe’s online workshop transcends limitations, embracing new possibilities. Carina’s journey from suppression fuels her mission to empower others, reminding them of their worthiness. Carina envisions a massive community of enlightened individuals, redefining power and radiating love.

Connect with Carina on her official website, Instagram and TikTok to be a part of the movement that embraces resilience and authenticity. Carina Remi is undoubtedly illuminating souls and inspiring transformative change.

Julianne Bartolotta

Julianne Bartolotta is not only a talented designer and entrepreneur but also one of the top self-made women in the luxury fashion industry. Her brand, Julianne Bartolotta LLC, is making waves with its luxe quality clothes that have a playful twist at approachable price points.

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The Julianne Bartolotta brand was created to provide women with bright, fun clothing that makes them feel confident. Julianne uses pops of color, trendy silhouettes and fun heart buttons to create her capsule collections each season. Everything she designs is made in Italy and produced in small batches by luxury artisan factories.

Since launching her brand in November 2022, Julianne has garnered attention from various publications, podcasts, TV shows and radio shows, including The Donna Drake Show, Newsday, LA Style Magazine, and Authority Magazine. Her brand has quickly become a favorite among women who value quality and style.

Julianne’s vision is to encourage women across the globe to follow their dreams, be confident and light up any room they walk into. Julianne plans to expand her online fashion business into a fashion empire, spreading love and positivity to women with her fun, eye-catching clothing and influential backstory.

As a self-made woman, Julianne continues to inspire women around the world to pursue their passions and dreams. To stay updated on Julianne’s latest designs and brand developments, follow her on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Katie Stewart

Katie Stewart is the CEO and founder of Katie Stewart Wellness Inc., a holistic wellness company. She is also the creator of its flagship program, The Clear Skin Solution, which helps women suffering from chronic acne by addressing gut health, detoxifying organs, and improving hormonal balance. Tired of cookie-cutter solutions to acne problems, Katie made it her mission to find the root cause and provide a cure for chronic acne.

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Having worked in the television industry for over a decade, Katie understands the impact of severe acne on one’s appearance and self-confidence. She is passionate about women’s empowerment and has dedicated herself to creating a solution that addresses both the external symptoms and internal causes of acne. At KSW, Katie leads a team of nutritionists, estheticians, and registered psychotherapists who provide comprehensive solutions for mind, body, and soul.

The Clear Skin Solution is a six-month program that begins with identifying the underlying cause of the acne breakout. The program aims to help adult women struggling with acne regain their confidence and feel beautiful again.

Overall, Katie Stewart is a visionary entrepreneur who has made it her mission to empower women and revolutionize the skincare industry through her holistic approach to wellness.

Armina Schwiegel

Armina Schwiegel is a Spiritual Mentor who empowers women to embrace their past and every aspect of themselves. Her mission is to guide them in taking control of their lives, embracing both the positive and negative aspects.

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Armina’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance has shaped her profound understanding of self-worth. She has encountered numerous challenges throughout her life and, by age forty, found herself on the brink of collapse.

Finally connecting with her authentic self, Armina began her healing journey through a dedicated commitment to personal growth and self-identity. By practicing self-acceptance and nurturing her personality, she transformed her life.

With an unwavering passion, Armina aims to assist individuals seeking to reconnect with their hearts and extend forgiveness to themselves. She advocates for self-love, charity, and compassion as transformative tools for self-discovery and fulfillment.

By working with Armina, you will embark on a profound journey of self-realization, uncovering your inner strength, and ascending to new heights of personal success. Together, you will tap into your limitless potential and emerge stronger, ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

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