Ah, yes. It makes the world go ’round. Movies and songs and social media and the club scene revolve around it. When we think of sex, we often think that it’s simply the best thing on Earth. It provides tons of benefits for people, both emotionally and physically. Plus, it is an act between people who want to be intimate with one another, either for fun, procreation, or love. In a way, it becomes a bridge that connects humans with one another on a whole new level.  

Animal instincts aside, is anything better than sex? Sometimes, when we enjoy an extraordinary meal, a melt-in-your-mouth praline, a mind-blowing massage, or a host of other feel-good situations we claim that, indeed, we had an experience that tops what many perceive as the most pleasurable activity around. But is it?

Is there REALLY anything better than sex?

Depending on who you ask, there really are some things in life that are better than sex. Just to get this out of the way, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of sex to begin with, let alone doing the deed with another human being. 

Stop judging right there — while this may not be your own personal persuasion, to each their own. You do you, and they do them. So whatever your feelings about sex may be, they’re personal and completely valid. And yes, there are indeed other things people enjoy more than being physically intimate with a partner. 


Cats, dogs, parrots, frogs, turtles, iguanas, fish, and all pets in existence can be considered the epitome of something that is better than sex. They are not simply things that are fed and bathed. They are much more than that—they are companions. 

Our furry little friends are the ones who provide comfort to us when we need it most. We also frequently share happy moments with them. Plus, pets love us unconditionally, and a lot of people these days need that. 

Whatever the occasion, our pets will always be there to keep us company, and that is something that sex can never replace. 


Nothing is more comforting than eating some fresh toast that has been lathered with Nutella. The gooey, chocolatey goodness all packed in a jar is every American’s household staple, and for good reason too. 

Eating this literally gives people serotonin. Thanks to an ingredient found in Nutella called Tryptophan, people feel giddy whenever they take a bite of their Nutella-laced food. 

Knowing yourself 

Want to know something that is better than sex? It is genuinely getting to know yourself. 

So often, people get lost, and not in a literal sense. People lose themselves due to society’s ever-changing values conflicting with their own, making them lose sight of who they once were. 

Although it takes time, you will gradually see changes in your life once you have successfully increased your self-awareness. You end up sparking happiness, fulfillment, and enjoyment in the process. 

Having someone to listen to you 

Having problems and bottling them up is an unhealthy habit. Even to the detriment of our physical bodies! The reason this happens is that we sometimes feel lonely (no matter how large the crowd around us) and have this perceived notion that no one is willing to listen to us.

Nothing feels better than having someone listen to you attentively without judgment and offer unsolicited advice as well. 

Binge watching your favorite TV shows

Watching TV shows gives us a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Just lying down on a couch with food in hand as we spend the day catching up on our favorite shows is arguably better than sex. 

In comparison to sex, watching does not require us to move. 

Being noticed by your favorite celebrity

A simple view on your Instagram story by a celebrity you just tagged is something you will never forget in your lifetime, let alone if said celebrity is your favorite one. 

We are talking about a celebrity here, so it feels surreal to be noticed by someone iconic. 

Putting your music on shuffle and having it play your favorite song right away

One of the most satisfying things in the world is having your music on shuffle and having your favorite song come on. 

Of course, we always have the option to play the music we like by selecting it manually. But of course, it feels more fulfilling when it is on shuffle. 

Pay day 

Let us be real here. We dread going to work due to long hours and traffic, but at the end of the day, when we notice that pay day is coming in a few, we feel as if we are brought back to life. 

Pay day means we finally get to eat out at a fancy restaurant. It also means that we can now afford to buy the gorgeous shoes we saw at the mall. Basically, we get to buy the things we have always saved for. 

The best way to quote pay day is a quote from Eminem himself, “Money can’t buy happiness, it buys crazy-ass happiness.”

 In the end, just because we’ve been told that “Nothing’s better than sex” all our lives, each and every one of us is the judge of what makes them comfortable, appreciated, happy, and satisfied. Sure, sex is great. But it’s not everything. 


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