Predicting the outcome of an event can be done in one of several ways. Possible results can be gauged using statistics, polls, qualitative analysis — or maybe psychic octopus. For the presidential election, the convenience store 7-Eleven partnered with The Onion and drew in voters with the simply-named coffee cup game, the 7-Election.

Coffee drinkers picked a red, blue (or green for the unbiased) cup for your coffee — and then the folks at 7-Eleven tallied the results.

If we can guess what party you lean towards based on your alcohol of choice, why not use coffee cups? It's probably just as accurate, and 7-Eleven seems a fairly egalitarian polling place. We love that a non-scientific poll specifically asks coffee drinkers what they think. And that it includes the opinion of everyone who gets to-go cups of java at a convenience stores, or at least this one, and not just registered voters.

Considering that they've correctly chosen the winner in the last three national elections, you may want to pay attention. The non-scientific poll has President Obama winning with 59% of the vote, tallied from sales in the 30 participating states. So there you go: People who get their coffee on the go are ready to re-elect the President for four more years. We'll know soon enough if they had it right.

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