5 Stunning Christmas Wonderlands Where You, Too, Can Get (Legally!) Lit

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The holidays are the perfect opportunity to travel to new places and get high with your loved ones. Here are some of the most Christmassy (and legal) locations.

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to travel to a cozy and beautiful location. Nowadays, it’s also the perfect opportunity to smoke weed and get high with your friends and family.

Despite the fact that marijuana is growing more popular by the minute, transporting and purchasing marijuana is still an issue, requiring some prep ahead of time. You can’t simply get to a place and expect to find a dispensary. But don’t worry, we got you. Here are five Christmassy destinations where you can also buy weed.

Leavenworth, Washington

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Photo by Rosalie Barley via Unsplash

Aside from being a gorgeous holiday bubble, Leavenworth also has legal marijuana. Washington was one of the first states to legalize the drug, allowing for its sale and possession since 2012. Leavenworth is a popular holiday location for many reasons, among them the fact that the town looks like a little Bavarian village and goes all out for Christmas, with lovely decorations and a tree-lighting ceremony in the town square.

Boston, Massachusetts

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Photo by Andrew Spencer via Unsplash

You can’t walk around Boston without running into a dispensary. Massachusetts legalized marijuana in 2016 and decriminalized it years before (in 2008). Aside from being a great city in general, Boston is also a perfect Holiday location, known for its cold weather, plenty of holiday markets, and for hosting the New England Christmas Festival, which is a favorite of the area.

New York, New York

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Photo by Elias Andres-Jose via Unsplash

While marijuana sales are still a work in progress in New York, purchasing it has never been easier, with dispensaries and marijuana shops located all over the city.

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When it comes to the holidays, the city is a favorite for a reason. Not only is Rockefeller Square a holiday rom-com icon, there’s just a lot to take in during the season in general. Over the course of December, there’s the Rockefeller Square Christmas tree lighting, ice skating, hundreds of holiday markets, and, with any luck, some snow in Central Park.

Big Bear Lake, California

Christmas in Big Bear Lake, Photo by Angel La Canfora/Getty Images

While California isn’t the traditional holiday pick, Big Bear Lake is home to the City Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and has plenty of beautiful holiday markets to choose from. It’s also surrounded by dispensaries boasting some of California’s best weed.

Vail, Colorado

Vail, CO
Photo by Adventure_Photo/Getty Imagess

Colorado has one of the best marijuana markets in the country, legalizing the drug in 2014.

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Vail is also an amazing holiday location, providing visitors with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the snow, take in some beautiful mountains, and get some skiing done if that’s something that they’re into.

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