All relationships go through ups and downs, and that is the norm. However, there is a line between healthy arguments and toxic ones. When couples frequently quarrel, be it over the little things or major issues, that is often an indication of a toxic relationship. 

1. Trust is nowhere to be found

When a person starts doubting their significant other, that is a sign of a lack of trust. Of course, the reason a person doubts in the first place is a normal human response to a particular trigger. However, it starts to become problematic when it is not being resolved by couples. 

If this goes on, soon enough conflicts will overwhelm couples, causing them to slowly drift apart or, more dramatically, go out with a bang.

2. Manipulation happens all the time

Indirect actions taken against other people in an effort to influence their emotions and behavior are considered manipulation. With that being said, intimate relationships fall victim to such tactics more often than one would want. 

Emotional manipulation is the most common form of manipulation that occurs in romantic relationships. There are several tell-tale signs of manipulation, such as gaslighting, threats, lying and blaming, isolation, passive-aggressive behavior, and withdrawal. 

If a person experiences even just one of the aforementioned signs, then that is an indication that they are in a toxic relationship. 

3. Lack of support 

Lack of support does not solely mean that a person does not root for their significant other in terms of a passion that they are pursuing or a major decision they are trying to act on; rather, it is something a lot more broad. 

Most often than not, relationships suffer from a lack of emotional support, meaning a significant other does not lend an ear or a shoulder to their partners who feel down and gloomy. 

When a person feels that they are constantly being ignored, that their feelings are being dismissed or belittled by their significant other when they express themselves, it makes them feel unsupported and unloved. 

4. A partner, or both parties, start to become controlling 

People love to feel free and comfortable in their own skin by doing what they love, dressing up however they want, going wherever they please, and so on and so forth. Such is the normalcy of life. However, a lot of relationships do not practice this. 

There are instances where only one person in the relationship becomes controlling, but then again, there are couples wherein both parties display controlling behavior toward one another. 

So, if a person is often put in a position where their partner makes them feel guilty for making plans without them or simply disrespects their personal space, then that is a clear sign of being controlled. 

5. No one is willing to compromise  

When problems arise and no one is willing to peacefully discuss them, that means no one wants to compromise. This mainly happens due to ego, but there are other causes as well. For instance, if a significant other does not want to adjust and work towards a mutual agreement, they will instead want their partners to do all the adjusting. 

This one-sidedness is seriously unhealthy for relationships because give-and-take is something that couples must establish and practice, all the while observing respect for each other’s beliefs and preferences. 

If you think you might be in a toxic relationship, it may be wise to consider breaking things off. Trust, support, and compromise are cornerstones of healthy relationships and, without those components, the likeliness of finding happiness and satisfaction is slim.

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