Much to our annoyance, Los Angeles still doesn't have a football team. But we do have sports fans who enjoy a good game. You might even be one of them. If you are, this weekend you're probably going to a party to watch two teams that aren't from here play in Super Bowl XLVII. We might not have a dog in the fight (editor's note: OK, your tired Michael Vick joke here _____ ), but we're all for the communal binge-eating no matter who's on the field.

If you're looking for something to bring to a potluck, we have a few thematic suggestions. You can order nachos, or pizza, or tacos, or you can go big. Turn the page for five take-out options anyone would be psyched to see on the table between the chili and the chips and dip. Place your orders and may your team win. We'll be over here counting the days until groundbreaking at Farmer's Field.

Gumbo Ya Ya; Credit: LA Wad via Flickr

Gumbo Ya Ya; Credit: LA Wad via Flickr

5. Gumbo Ya Ya from The Gumbo Pot:

Speaking of farmer fields, the Original Farmers Market is home to The Gumbo Pot and the Gumbo Pot is home to some seriously delicious New Orleans-style food. Since the game is taking place in New Orleans, why not bite in to some of their authentic cooking. It's the something-for-everyone way to go. 6333 W. 3rd St., #312; Los Angeles; (323) 933-0358.

4. The Sports Bar from Grocerie:

We're totally smitten with Grocerie by Food Inc. — and their party platters are part of the reason why. Ten people can indulge in pulled bacon pot pies (yes, please), buffalo wings and twice baked potatoes with a simple phone call. 1107 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles; (323) 934-9403.

T3 Crab Cakes; Credit: Tehra Thorp

T3 Crab Cakes; Credit: Tehra Thorp

3. Crab Cakes from T3:

Caterer Tehra Thorp knows her way around a crab cake and the three-bite bits make seriously good party food. Her version is all-American (or Baltimore-ish, if you insist) with lump crab-meat and a Ritz cracker crust. They can be ordered online, or by calling (818) 415-8705.

2. Sandwiches from Ink.sack:

Why commit to a six-foot sub when you can get a mix and match selection of high-end sandwiches from Maryland native, Michael Voltaggio's ink.sack? For the same price as a souless cold-cut combo, you can instead have Cuban bbq pork; spicy tuna or the Spanish Godfather — Serrano ham, chorizo and Manchego perfection. 8360 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles: (323) 651-5866.

Beer Belly Hot Wings; Credit: G. Snyder

Beer Belly Hot Wings; Credit: G. Snyder

1. Hot Wings from Beer Belly:

You can order hot wings lots of places. But why bother, when you can get them from Beer Belly? The crispy, Jidori chicken wings are the stuff the pros dream of. There are three choices, but for this game, we strongly suggest the honey-Dijon-style. Sweet and tangy, sticky and salty, they're the perfect pairing for any beer you happen to be enjoying. 532 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles; (213) 387-2337.

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