If you're already a podcast listener, then you most likely know and love KCRW's Good Food and The Splendid Table, two of the best shows on the radio, ready for uploading at any time. In terms of food coverage, there's also NPR, Martha Stewart … the list goes on. Those shows are great because they're professional, intelligent, thoughtfully researched and produced. Fantastic hosts help, too.

There are a lot of other, less well-known food podcasts out there as well. We listened to a lot of them and were amazed at the variety: Veganism, health consciousness, barbecue, baking — you name it, there's a podcast for it. So we downloaded and compiled (and alphabetized) a list of five of our favorite food-related podcasts. Ear candy, if you will. Turn the page.

5. Growing Home:

We were thrilled when, earlier this year, Edible Westside Magazine launched, replacing the late, lamented Edible Los Angeles. The new incarnation focuses on a narrow swath of our great city, but the podcasts from Edible Communities are recorded nationwide. Broken into themes, including Kitchen Sync, Drunk Tank and Blue Plate Specials, each version has a different host and theme. Our favorite is Growing Home With Marla Camp, editor of Edible Austin. It can be a bit earnest, but we like that. Can't wait to hear some L.A.-focused editions.

Spilled Milk; Credit: radarxlove

Spilled Milk; Credit: radarxlove

4. Spilled Milk:

Hosted by multitalented writers, restaurant owners and terminally huggable couple Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton, the banter can be silly but the food is serious. They discuss individual ingredients, review kitchen tools and supermarket products and create recipes to share. It's also kind of sweet listening to them grow as a food-loving couple, too.

3. The Sporkful:

The motto is, “It's not for foodies, it's for eaters.” The funniest podcast on our list, the Sporkful makes eating sound like an action sport. Dan Pashman and Mark Garrison, are “obsessively compulsive about eating more awesomely.” Sporting lots of boyish geek cred, this is the show of shows.

2. The Table Set:

As part of the very popular, Home Fries food-podcast network, The Table Set is a kitschy, charming conversation between three friends who are adept at throwing food-themed parties, unabashed about loving what they do and masters at being fabulous in L.A. It's lighthearted hipster entertainment.

1. What's This Food:

Every day, in 2011, Daniel Delaney offered up a new query, what is (fill in the blank), and then followed up with a recipe. From lardo to falafel, Delaney covered 365 unique topics. The year ended, but his quest goes on. Short and to the point, we love that he is educating himself and us at the same time. Each podcast is also available as a video.

Podcasts are addictive — you just can't stop listening. If you're the entertainment-junkie-type, the kid who stays up all night to watch an entire season of your new favorite show (hello, Game of Thrones), this is for you. Plug in your earphones and enjoy. We like to tune in while on the treadmill. Burning calories while listening to someone else eat cookies is very motivating.

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