FINALLY. Super Bowl is upon us. Brother against brother, East Coast versus West Coast. Dungeness versus Maryland blue crab. (Wait, no, that's not it.) Who will be the winner? Who are you rooting for? Will the Dorito's commercial be awesome? So many questions. If another question on your mind is where to watch the game, turn the page for five places you can plant yourself on Sunday, then eat, drink and scream to your hearts content. Yup. Super Bowl XLVII. It's gonna be XL.

V. The 35'er:

Will the Coors Light Girls be at Pasadena's oldest bar? Yes, they will. Will the game be on every set in the joint? Yes, it will. What more do you need? How about a raffle? They're giving away a flat-screen TV, too. And don't forget the baskets of free popcorn! 12 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena; 626-356-9315.

IV. Mok Maru Jong Sül Jip:

With plenty of space and incendiary Buffalo wings, bbq pork ribs and a great vibe, this is where you usually find us watching the Lakers. (Go Lakers!) (Editor's note: Right. And let's not discuss the Packers or the Patriots right now.) They also show football games. You can call ahead and reserve a table for larger parties. Cheap pitchers, free parking and an enthusiastic crowd: you can't go wrong. 222 North Western Avenue, Los Angeles; 323-465-7701.

III. Stout Burger:

If watching the game is just as important as having an incredible selection of microbrews, ales and gluten-free beers on tap — and spectacular burgers — Stout is the place for you. Both locations have large screen televisions and some of the best onion rings in town. 1544 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles; 323-469-3801.

II. The Parish:

Casey Lane's downtown joint is pulling out all of the stops. They have 80-inch TVs, and for $40, you can get in on their Gridiron Special: 20 stout-glazed chicken wings, a half-gallon of ESP Noble Ale, house made pork rinds and fried olives. (Mmm. Fried olives.) Reservations are strongly recommended. 840 S. Spring St., Los Angeles; 213-225-2400.

Burger; Credit: San Francisco Saloon

Burger; Credit: San Francisco Saloon

I. San Francisco Saloon:

This is going to be ground zero for 49ers fans in Southern California. As if you needed us to tell you that. If you want to get in the door, show up early, and start drinking and tipping generously. The food is fine. Try ordering the burger. 11501 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles; 310-478-0152.

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