When people are high, one thing is certain—they perceive things differently. This is why a lot of users watch movies while they are ecstatic from euphoria. Whether it’s some top-shelf comedy or a magical animated film, get your weed and remote ready as you become a film critic by setting your eyes on five great movies to watch when you’re high. 


Movies to Watch When You’re High 

1. Pineapple express

A weed session would never be complete without watching the Pineapple Express. To get viewers elated, it is highly recommended that they watch this film about two stoners, Dale Denton (Seth Rogen) and Saul Silver (James Franco), who have just witnessed the killing of a man.

This was no ordinary murder, as it involved a cop (Rosie Perez) and a notorious drug lord (Gary Cole). In a panic, Dale threw away his roach of Pineapple Express and drove away. Unfortunately, the evidence that he left behind would be the reason why they were going to be chased by the two criminals. 

Since the Pineapple Express strain in the movie was rare, the crooked cop and the drug lord were able to deduce that they were indeed witnessed by outsiders. 

The hilarious thing about watching this movie is that viewers feel as if they are part of the movie themselves. Given that the two stoned protagonists are high and paranoid from the wild goose chase, the viewers get to relate to a similar feeling—minus the paranoia, of course. 

Furthermore, another reason why it is highly recommended for users to watch Pineapple Express while they are high is because Seth Rogen himself recommended that it is best to enjoy the film while smoking weed. 

2. Superbad 

It would be taboo to not include Super Bad on our list of movies to watch when you’re high, simply because it is such a ridiculously relatable film. 

It tells the tale of two high school seniors named Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera), who try to obtain alcohol for an upcoming party. Given that they are underaged, the movie will show funny scenes of their attempt to buy booze that will seem 10 times funnier when one is high. 

Then there are others that might have a different perspective on the movie. Yes, it is a comedy film about two underaged boys trying to fit in. Then again, if you think about it, the movie shows the reality that most people face during their high school lives. 

Its nuance portrays the time when most people leave their innocence as they enter college. When you are high and think about that, it is something that would leave your mouth gaping and make you think really deeply. 

3. Alice in Wonderland (1951)

There is no movie more trippy than Alice in Wonderland. This is why we strongly recommend it to those who are browsing for movies to watch when they’re high. 

Online forums provide evidence for why this movie is regarded as such a masterfully crafted work of art. You will see that most stoned users appreciate the complexity of the plot way more than anticipated. 

Also, let us not mention the trippy scenes when Alice was in the process of transforming into her miniature size. Aside from trippy scenes, viewers will be faced with simple words that form profound dialogue. This is often played throughout the entire film, so it would give a stoned person some second thoughts on trying to understand the meaning behind them. 

Not to mention, the film had this one particular line from Alice, for which she says, “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”

If that line does not rattle and unlock the deepest depths of a stoner’s mind, then we do not know what will. 

4. Shaun of the Dead 

What better way is there to enjoy a blunt than to watch an apocalyptic movie? We can explain why Shaun of the Dead is a great choice when it comes to selecting movies to watch when you’re high. 

At first, the seemingly mundane life of Shaun (Simon Pegg) is shown. Viewers can already see how utterly boring his life is until the worst possible thing hits their little town. 

What makes this movie so good is the brilliance behind mixing satire with something so terrifying. Nowadays, people would struggle to find a decent comedy slash zombie movie in one. 

It is not all comedy, though, as this movie has the potential to become a tear-jerking one. As cliché as it may sound, the power of friendship is this film’s main highlight. With that being said, we highly encourage you to watch this with your (stoned) friends. 

5. This Is the End

Yet another apocalyptic movie has made its way onto our list of movies to watch when you’re high. 

As the name of the title implies, This Is the End is about a Biblical apocalypse that has suddenly struck the world. As the actors, who are all exaggeratedly portraying themselves, namely, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Danny McBride, and Jay Baruchel, were partying at Franco’s LA house, they notice that there seems to be a commotion happening outside. 

That is when everyone from Franco’s house was struck with terror due to seeing the majority of LA on fire. 

Our main protagonists are doing their best to survive the apocalypse with the very little inventory they have left. Of course, they have two packs of weed to keep them company. 

When you are baked, it is common to have a completely different perspective on things. So, watching this movie will give you all sorts of perspective when it comes to the end of the world. 

Will we be abducted by aliens?” “Will we fall through an endless pithole leading to Hell?” or “Is there a Heaven and a Hell?” 

If you watch this movie with your head in the clouds, thoughts like that will undoubtedly cross your mind. 

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