For over 20 years, Distinctive Assets, a LA-based entertainment marketing company, has been delivering curated gift bags exclusively to nominees in the Best Actor + Actress, Best Supporting Actor + Actress, and Best Director categories. These legendary “Everyone Wins” gift bags have become such an established tradition in celebrating Hollywood’s biggest night that Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary has been credited with transforming celebrity gifting into a bona fide marketing tactic. The magic he creates is pretty incredible!

“We are humbled to be commemorating two decades of curating a specialty gift bag that has become a global pop culture phenomenon,” says Fary. “The companies we feature have amazing products and services while also embracing diversity, inclusion, health, and philanthropy. We are not only celebrating these incredible nominees but also a return to normalcy in a post-pandemic world.” 

This year’s six-figure “Everyone Wins” gift bags have been carefully curated by the Distinctive Assets team with commendable goals in mind: to pamper, delight, surprise, and inspire. Watching the video below, it’s safe to say they’ve achieved their goal! 

Curious about the contents? We don’t blame you! Enjoy this unboxing video for a first-hand look at what it’s like to be a pampered A-lister. Don’t forget, you deserve some pampering too! To get the goods, read below for a full list provided by Distinctive Assets, detailing all the companies included: 


Our gift sized plots of land are a unique way to crowdfund conservation. Our community of landowners, known as the Lords and Ladies of Glencoe, help to conserve Scotland, one square foot at a time.


Meet Opopop, the fastest-growing popcorn brand that created the world’s first Flavor Wrapped Popcorn Kernels. Each kernel is individually pre-wrapped in flavor. You simply pick a flavor, which range from Fancy Butter to unique creations, like Maui Heat. Then pour them into the included microwave popper and pop yourself a delicious treat.


A selection of Bahlsen’s indulgent, sustainably sourced chocolate biscuits and wafers, crafted in Germany and family-owned for more than 130 years. This premium assortment contains a variety of 10 packs – every biscuit is a winner!


BYROE carefully curated the nominee gift set to include the cult favorite Bitter Green Essence Toner, Tomato Serum, and Salmon Cream. Each product champions the same high-quality nutrition found in salad ingredients for your skin.


Gift set of Award-Winning Best Sellers from our Nano-Amplified CBD Skincare Line.  Nanoparticles penetrate vitamins deeper into the skin allowing for faster absorption.  Our Nano-Amplified Phyto-Based Nutrients set us apart from other hemp skin care lines.  HempHera is created by women and powered by plants!


Research shows supplementing spermidine, a youth molecule in all of our cells, improves health across the entire body: hair, skin, nails, sleep, heart, mind, longevity. spermidineLIFE by Longevity Labs is the world’s first natural way to meaningfully increase our bodies’ spermidine levels to slow the aging process. Made from high-concentration natural wheat germ, spermidineLIFE is proven to renew cells and help us add youth to our years by triggering a process called cell autophagy. Nominees are receiving one bottle of spermidineLIFE+, spermidineLIFE Immunity+, spermidineLIFE Memory+, and a 30-day supply of spermidineLIFE PRO+  ̶  the highest-strength natural spermidine supplement ever made with 6mg of spermidine per sachet.


Turin Castle was built in 1659 and stands majestically in the heart of Scotland. Exclusive and by invitation only – a stay at the Castle will transport you back to the 17th century but with all the luxuries of modern life.  The nominee’s stay will include:  private use of the entire 10-bedroom Castle for 2 guests for 3 nights, fully-inclusive butler service and dining, bagpiper welcome on arrival, private gin tasting, and fully-personalized concierge service.


ARITI luxurious premium extra virgin olive oil from olive groves with over 500 years of history infused with edible gold flakes. Inspired by Homer’s Odyssey it is a symbol of longevity, good fortune, health, and prosperity!


Celebrity Arms™ Sculpting is a revolutionary plastic surgery procedure that gives women an instant lean and toned look with 360 degree definition of their arms.  Dr. Thomas Su is a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon and owner of Art Lipo. Dr. Su specializes in liposuction and is the innovator of forms of liposuction that  incorporate techniques from Dr. Su’s background as a figure artist and sculptor that are only offered at Art Lipo. Unlike other forms of liposuction, Dr. Su’s methods actually sculpt the body, rather than just removing fat, resulting in smooth shapes and perfectly defined contours.


Amplify Energy, Vigor, and Performance with C60 Purple Power.  Carbon 60 (C60) is a Nobel Prize winning, selective antioxidant that works at the cellular level to lift the oxidative burden. It is characterized as a free radical sponge and helps the body neutralize oxidative stress. C60 supports optimal mitochondrial function, a healthy inflammatory response, and a healthy immune response. Most people who consume C60 daily, report an increase in energy and mental clarity within 30 days. C60 works best in conjunction with other healthy lifestyle choices such as proper nutrition, adequate hydration, quality sleep, regular exercise, fresh air, and exposure to sunshine.


Sustainable + Ethically-Sourced Hand-Blended Small Batch Chai Gift Set.  We source our single origin spices directly from small scale farmers in India who work closely with members of their villages to ensure employment is offered within the community with a  key focus on women.  Chosen as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2021.


Building a Legacy of Love: Thriving in the Sandwich Generation by Christy Byrne Yates. Nearly 50 percent of Americans find themselves raising children while also managing the care of an aging parent – this is the “squeeze” of the Sandwich Generation.  This book shines a light on many of the hurdles faced by people in this group, while offering strategies for moving from struggling to overcome them, to growing as a family in surmounting them; moving from surviving to thriving and building a legacy of love.


Hand poured, luxury wood wick candles featuring their soon to be released Astrology Collection.


Comvita UMF 10+ Manuka Honey is sustainably harvested from the remote forests of New Zealand and is designed to be part of your daily wellness routine with unique health qualities that encourage the body’s natural healing. Comvita is the trusted global leader in Manuka Honey, upholding standards that exceed stringent certification for product quality and efficacy.


Look and feel your best with up to $10,000 of treatments and rejuvenation procedures including chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, injectables/fillers, Botox, and more at Dr. Konstantin’s Luxe Upper East Side office.


Three in-home training sessions in Los Angeles with fitness legend Diego Sebastian.  Package includes customized workout, macro breakdown, supplement guide, and anti-aging lifestyle hacks.



Elixinol is a pioneer and leader in the CBD industry. Their mission is to educate individuals on CBD and the health benefits it can bring. They deliver top-quality products to everyday consumers that provide real results. Elixinol’s new Sleep Gummies are THC free* and formulated with both CBD and CBN to promote relaxation. CBN, like CBD, is a compound derived from the hemp plant and has a reputation for helping to provide relief from occasional sleeplessness. Together the two work to promote the wellness benefits of hemp’s overall entourage effect. Elixinol’s Sleep Gummies are offered in a sweet blueberry flavor that supports restful ZZZs.


It’s in the bag! Bring your wellness ritual with you (anywhere!).  Our physician-formulated daily wellness ritual is ready to support you while on the move in travel-approved sizes so you can feel your best wherever you go.  Euka’s On-The-Go Kit Includes:  Wellness Aromatherapy Roller, Wellness Saline Spray, Breathe Well Shower Bomb, Wellness Antiseptic Spray, Fite Vite Multi-Vitamin + Immunity Boost, Wellness Infused Sanitizing Wipes…and comes perfectly packed in a convenient canvas bag. Our consciously crafted products are clean, natural, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, preservative-free, non-GMO, and sustainably sourced in the USA!


The team at Exploding Kittens has included the all-new Mantis, Throw Throw Avocado, and Exploding Minions. Mantis, which just hit store shelves this March, is a colorful card game of rainbows and destruction.  Throw Throw Avocado is a dodgeball card game where players throw squishy avocados at their opponents, and Exploding Minions is a family-friendly spin-off of the title roulette-style game.


Inspired by the relationships and camaraderie felt on and off set, The Film Pin Society takes the tools that filmmakers and creators use every day and elevates them into wearable badges of honor, reimagined into pins and accessories.


Golden Door, voted #1 Destination Spa in the World by Conde Nast Traveler, empowers each guest to achieve a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Guests relax, restore, and refresh on a journey focused on personalized fitness, spa and nutrition programs, designed to meet specific goals and needs of each guest.   Nominee package includes a four-night stay for two. 100% of Golden Door’s net profits go to help end child abuse and transform young lives.


Luxury American-made tees and sweatshirts that celebrate iconic happy places around the world.


Hotsy Totsy Haus + Devour Por Vida have teamed up to create the most luxurious CBD bath bomb on the market. Blue Lux CBD Bath Bomb is made with organic hyaluronic acid, luxurious oils, and is infused with 100mg domestic sourced hemp derived cannabidiol (CBD). This lavishly relaxing bath bomb is topped with a clear quartz crystal that is nestled in 24k gold.


Originally debuted on social media, Qai Qai was created in partnership with Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian, and internet-first animation studio Invisible Universe as Olympia Ohanian’s smart, funny, relatable, and empowering doll. Qai Qai comes dressed in a two-piece removable outfit that includes her iconic GOAT onesie, and she stands on her own so she can strike a pose just like @RealQaiQai does.


JAYDE Home Essentials introduces the ultimate natural spot remover—Spot Away. Like all Jayde products, Spot Away is made only with plant and mineral-based ingredients that are gentle on you, your home and your clothes but tough on grease and dirt. Jayde Spot Away is bottled in refillable 15ML glass bottles with a convenient roller ball applicator.


The mission of Karma Nuts is simple – put goodness into the world whenever you can. All Karma Nuts cashews are Non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free and are available nationwide.  Nominees will receive a Karma Nuts Variety Pack of 4 award-winning, delicious, air-roasted cashews:  Sea Salt, Cocoa Dusted, Golden Turmeric, and Cinnamon.


Life coaching session with holistic healing and wellness expert Kayote Joseph.


Maison Construction is a premiere Los Angeles based construction and development company. Specializing in luxury custom home building and renovation, Maison Construction has completed hundreds of ground-up and remodeling projects across Los Angeles County since its establishment. They approach every project with a commitment to excellence, integrity, and superior project management.   We are offering each nominee complimentary project management on their next remodel or ground up project.


NutriFit is LA’s premier customized meal delivery service, offering high-end, all natural, largely organic meals personalized to each client’s health goals. Our focus is your health – our meal plans are designed in accordance with your specific dietary needs, taste preferences, and schedule. From sports nutrition, to pregnancy, weight maintenance or disease management – we offer unparalleled flexibility and expertise. Our meals arrive fully prepared and feature only high end, premium quality ingredients designed by nutritionists and prepared by professional chefs. We also offer high-end virtual tasting events called Txoko. These are upscale, sustainable virtual Guided Tasting Experiences and entirely unique, customized multicourse dining and wine tasting events. Enjoy meals containing up to ten courses of fully prepared, ready-to-enjoy meals created by our Michelin star Executive Sous Chef, Oscar Gonzales, and Executive Chef and Founder Jackie Keller.


A year’s supply of Oxygenetix – an award-winning breathable makeup foundation that has a celebrity cult following.


“SeaWorld … BLOWS.” That’s why PETA is giving this year’s top Oscar® nominees an inflatable orca emblazoned with that message and an “Empty the Tanks” waterproof bag for fun trips to the beach or pool. SeaWorld’s CEO may also hear from the nominees via a pre-stamped postcard, letting him know that his company must stop forcibly breeding dolphins and retire all the marine mammals to seaside sanctuaries.


Piper & Perro is a luxury unisex fragrance brand that creates tangible, fleeting moments filled with delicious scents and delectable textures. Their concept of “Perfume for People” curates memorable moments for those who break the mold and dare to live life defying expectations and definitions.


Posh Pretzels gold petite presentation gift box includes six decadent, handcrafted, dark Belgian chocolate covered pretzels embellished with edible gold crystals. When you dream in gold the POSHibilities are Endless!


PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer is an independent, female-founded brand within the top-10 seltzer brands in the category that specializes in full-flavored, thoughtful, and sophisticated taste combinations that are perfect for elevating any occasion. PRESS was founded in 2015 by Midwestern mother of two, Amy Walberg, when she couldn’t find a premium alcohol seltzer on the market. She experimented in her kitchen which eventually led to creating the brand’s first flavor, Pomegranate Ginger. PRESS has placed itself above the pack with its wholly unique flavors, high-quality and all-natural ingredients and low ABV offering. PRESS is available in 8 flavors – Lime Lemongrass, Grapefruit Cardamom, Blackberry Hibiscus, Pomegranate Ginger, Pear Chamomile, Lingonberry Elderflower, Pineapple Basil, and Apple Cinnamon.


A gift of true Spiritual Connection, Joy and Confidence: Let go of your Doubt and Anxiety and instead lean into Self-Love to fulfill your Dreams. Redeemable Gift Card for one Coaching Session with Award winning Self-Love Coach and Shaman, Nicola Fernandes.


KFS® Cellular Protein Complex Serum:  This groundbreaking infusion holds more than 1,500 bio-active proteins, collagens, peptides, and signaling factors that support optimal communication and rejuvenate from within, with benefits that build over time. The serum provides your skin with exactly what it needs to produce to reach its full potential — helping you be the best, beautifully authentic version of you. The formula harnesses the first and only dual-cell technology that optimizes hydration and harnesses the power of both Keratinocytes and Fibroblasts, two essential contributors to maintaining healthy skin. The proprietary KFS ingredient rejuvenates and transforms your skin from within, nourishing and hydrating cells deep within your skin. Our blend of naturally derived proteins is small enough to be absorbed into the lower layer of the skin to provide optimal hydration, encourage collagen and elastin restoration, and rejuvenate the Rete Ridge — an essential contributor to your skin’s overall vitality.


Keep your jewelry extra sparkly with Shinery’s Radiance Wash – the first hand soap specifically designed to clean your jewelry while washing your hands. The plant-based surfactants in the Radiance Wash remove dirt, oil, lotions, and beauty buildup and wash them away, leaving you with jewelry that sparkles and shines and moisturized, soft skin every single time you wash your hands.


Award-winning, 100% agave tequila that’s handcrafted in small batches. Crystal clear in appearance. Complex aromas and flavors of spice, herb, pepper, sea salt, and citrus with candied, floral notes and hints of caramel and sweet fruit. Exceptionally smooth, naturally sweet, and made for sipping.


Africa’s #1 sock brand. Designed and made in South Africa by Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 recipient and GQ Africa Best Dressed Man Skinny Sbu.


Relax Limited Edition Diffuser by Soul Shropshire: Relax & unwind with our bestselling collection. Packed with natural essential oils to create pure tranquility.


S.Pellegrino branded water & wine pairing gift box featuring a 750ml bottle of S.Pellegrino Natural Sparkling Mineral Water and a 750ml bottle of Tolani Al Passo 2018 Chianti Classico.


A best-seller, Tangle Teezer’s The Ultimate Detangler is a detangling hairbrush for wet hair. Featuring 325 two-tiered teeth that flex over tangles and knots, hair is quickly and gently detangled with reduced breakage. Perfect for the shower, The Ultimate Detangler can also be used to evenly draw shampoo and conditioning treatments through the hair.


The novel Tree is the story of 229 years in the life of a California live oak from the point of view of … the tree. Jump into a vibrant world of grass, birds, trees, and animals,  where one 19th century Mexican woman and one 20th century school boy, hearts opened by grief and loneliness, come to know the central oak, whose life spans four human civilizations, Chumash, Spanish/Mexican, Yankee, and new money Hollywood for an epic read that feels both as real as last weekend’s dust on hiking boots and as mind altering as a fully-fledged mystical experience.  Tree is a love letter to biodiversity; transforming how readers see their place in the world, by changing the idea that each person is primarily a part of humanity into the certainty that we are each a member of the community of all living beings.


A limited-edition artist series collector box featuring artwork by Archan Nair.   This stunning box features two bottles great for any celebratory occasion.  There is one bottle of gluten-free Trust Me Vodka made from potatoes, and the other is Trust Me Vodka’s organic wheat vodka.  Trust Me Vodka is a top-shelf vodka company which supports art, music, and entertainment.  Trust Me Vodka is made in the USA and believes in promoting and celebrating creativity by continuously showcasing various artist’s work on their bottles.  Archan Nair is an illustrator and self-taught visual artist inspired by his cultural roots from India. Art on the bottle – Art in the bottle – Art in your glass.


T-Time Products’ Interpersonal Shea Butter Balm is ideal for that intimate massage. With less than 5 all-natural ingredients, this whipped shea butter-based balm is the perfect medium to enhance your together time ̶ your T-Time.


TurboFlex  ̶  a worldwide patented technology  ̶  is the first and only eyewear designed with a 360 degree rotating hinge to maintain fit, ensure maximum comfort, and resist the impact of life’s everyday twists and turns. Select frames also feature magnetic EasyClip lenses that can instantly add protection from UVA and UVB rays, or blue light. Available for Men, Women, and Children.


Sustainable & stylish, VAHDAM India’s Rover Bottle is your everyday on-the-go functional drinkware that keeps your beverage hot & cold for hours.


Warmies are fully microwavable heatable Cozy Plush Stuffed Animals that provide soothing warmth and comfort. Warmies was founded on a very simple premise, that everyone might experience comfort in their everyday life.


A kit with all of the tools to make the perfect whipped coffee at home in only 60 seconds.


This immigrant queer-owned company from Austin, TX felt so glamorous they had to dress up for the occasion with their limited edition “Red Carpet Fudgiest Brownies Ever” covered with gold leaf packaged inside their iconic pink box. No shortcuts allowed, no premixes, no preservatives.


The Wizard’s Wish by Brad Yates. A playfully illustrated storybook that is not only fun for children (and adults) to read, but one that also teaches them a simple and effective way to feel good – and good about themselves – even when they have been upset.


Building a Legacy of Love: Thriving in the Sandwich Generation by Christy Byrne Yates. Nearly 50 percent of Americans find themselves raising children while also managing the care of an aging parent – this is the “squeeze” of the Sandwich Generation.  This book shines a light on many of the hurdles faced by people in this group, while offering strategies for moving from struggling to overcome them, to growing as a family in surmounting them; moving from surviving to thriving and building a legacy of love.


YOUTH’s Anti-Blemish Concentrate is an on-the-go fresh gel that will become your best skin rescuer. Rich in anti-bacterial and gentle exfoliating natural active ingredients, it stimulates cell renewal, speeds up the clearance of pimples and improves skin’s appearance. In addition to clearing pimples, it tightens the pores on targeted zones for more even skin!

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