If you were a pet in Los Angeles and could vote, you'd probably pick mayoral candidate and City Councilwoman Jan Perry. In an odd campaign video, Perry lays out an “ambitious” pro-pet agenda with the kind of passionate delivery that makes one wonder if the whole thing is a spoof or if she's really serious.

Her pro-pet promises actually sound as if they are more fitting for humans than pets, declaring, “This is how we define ourselves. A city that is humane. A city that is compassionate. A city where every pet has a decent home. And that we focus more on adoption, on education, on spaying and neutering so that every animal has a place to be, to be in a healthy environment.”

There are other priceless moments in the short video.

One scene shows Perry playing tug of war with a huge dog, and Perry finally lets go of the toy with the dog winning and the candidate making a face that says, 'That was just gross!'

Another time she's saying with the kind urgency that makes one think she's talking about the end of the world if something isn't done soon:

“We love our pets. We like to spend time outdoors with them and we need spaces and places for people to walk and exercise not only with their families and children but to be able to walk their dogs and ride their horses, and as mayor I am committed to that kind of agenda, an ambitious agenda, but an agenda that will enhance the quality of life for everybody who lives here.”

She even goes so far at the end of the video to triumphantly declare that she wants to make “all people know who own pets that they have the right to spay and neuter, that they have the right to open spaces, and that they have the right to equal access!”

At this point, Perry makes a little face that makes one wonder if the whole thing is a joke video she made for only the campaign staff to see.

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