Upstairs at Eric’s (Mute)

Yaz Queen, Says Buckcherry: Josh Todd of hard rockers Buckcherry told us about his love for a Yaz gem.

Yazoo Upstairs At Erics


Josh Todd: First of all I have always been a fan of all genres of music and although as a teenager my foundation was punk rock and hard rock records, I loved listening to my mothers records and my sisters records as well. I just loved a good song it didn’t matter where it came from — if it made me feel something inside I embraced it.

I got a fake I.D. at 17 and I started going to dance clubs with my sister on the weekends. One of my sisters friends had an apartment and I was there one night, and this song “Midnight’ was playing. There was a very rich soulful voice (Allison Moyet) starting the song a-cappella and I could not stop listening. I thought it was so interesting to hear such a soulful voice over electronic music and the words and melodies sucked me in as well.

I found out what record that song was on and went out to purchase Upstairs at Eric’s, and it was a masterpiece — not a bad song on the record. I was an instant fan. This record covers every emotion in song and touches the loving side of me, and also the dark side of me. Not many records can do that dynamically and craft it in a way that makes a listener not want to touch the dial. Prince is the only other artist that has done that to me, but for today Yaz’s Upstairs at Eric’s is a record I can’t live without.  

Yaz Queen, Says Buckcherry: Buckcherry’s new album Vol.10 is out June 2.

















































































































































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