Happy (whatever holiday you celebrate) Style Council readers!

The other gals are all back in their respective homelands (NYC and the UK) so I'm holding down the fort in sunny LA- and I'm lovin' it!Sure am glad the present pressure is off though. I cut it close this year doing the whole she-bang in two days: the Glendale Galleria on Thursday and Amoeba Music on Friday. I know, I'm insane right? Yup, it was hectic and a lot of people out there were really crazed and some were downright mean, but in general it was pretty painless. Waited in some lines, lugged a few heavy boxes, spent too much money on family, friends, and ok, myself… The usual. Didn't mind the crowd though. I actually like 'em (if you've read my stuff in the paper, that's probably obvious). I embrace commotion and chaos because in a strange way, it makes me feel alive, particularly during the holiday season. Here's what Amoeba looked like (the dude standing under the “line forms here” sign got pissed and made me put my camera away after this shot.) Notice the ball of stress floating over this head.

Wish more peeps woulda been like these two (below) who probably smoked too much mistletoe (or something) but were nonetheless in the right spirit… They were spreading good cheer outside of Amoeba, inviting everyone to a party at the Lava Lounge that night and singing carols near Cahuenga. They asked me my favorite one, and when I told them that I no longer celebrate Christmas since becoming a Jew, they were nice enough to sing me a rousing rendition of “Dreidel, Dreidel” which definitely caught the attention of the music nerds who came in and out of the place. Holiday time in Hollywood. There aint nothin' like it….

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