What's there to say about America's favorite trainwreck, except, well, the meds seem to be working. On The Record, the MTV doc that aired this past Sunday, and every night since, sought to be a sympathetic, somewhat real attempt at changing Britney Spears image and launching her new record, Circus, but it left us feeling blah and empty… kinda like we were the one on anti-depressants.

The release, full of recycled-beats and ho-hum come hithery, studio-enhanced vox, doesn't break any new ground, and we'd expect nothing less (or more). It's a perfect backdrop collection for more choreography-packed videos (and a drunken night in da club), which is the really the point, right?

But enough about the popstar's dancey-drivel and fragile mental state. With new mag covers and TV appearances popping up everyday, Spears is out there full force, hoping that looking good again will make her good again in every way. She didn't have much help in the style department for a long while and we're not even talking about the shaved head, crotch shots or scary mascara job from the infamous Matt Lauer interview, but rather, her daily duds- the braless, shoeless, and haphazard looks that made even her most expensive stuff seem cheap.
So is losing a few lbs, and paying a visit to the beauty parlour, a stylist (and pharmacy) all it takes to go from white trashy nutjob to pop-chart princess once again? Has she turned it all around image-wise or is Brit already “worn out” in a real sense? Let's take a look.

The X Factor
Extensions are so two years ago, unless of course you're a Playboy bunny. Brit's blonde locks still look really fake, but at least they're being maintained, and in this shot from Glamour magazine, they actually look good.  Or, it could be a wig. Either way, it's very Bridget Bardot.

Oops.. you know
The lip-synching lass did two numbers on Good Morning America this week, one in her classic mid-drift baring top and leggings, and another in a high-waisted shorts ensemble. She might be toned again, but we suggest she stay on the high side. Even Madonna doesn't show off her abs anymore, and you know you can bounce a silver dollar off those suckers!
Au Naturale
Her recent Rolling Stone spread went for the less is more idea, but the truth is, she's wearing tons of makeup in it. Still, she looks relaxed, and in this very calculated quest to regain a viable music biz career, looking real (but still attractive) should go further in warming up fans than a constricted glam get-up. Of course, PETA is another story.
Sex… I'm A…..
The naughty secretary, the biker chick, the naked girl. When you don't know who you are anymore, simply throw out every male fantasy you can think of and something will stick. The clip and hook from “Womanizer” does kinda adhere to the brain, though we'd much rather hear, say Gwen Stefani's take. Repetitive lyrics, expertly-staged dance moves and colorful costumes are still a “Toxic” combination on video. Too bad life aint a video.

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