Lea Redmond of Leafcutter Designs runs the World's Smallest Postal Service. She turns your regular-sized sentiments into very tiny letters. She says she has no plans yet to come to Los Angeles, but would certainly love to. If you'd like to see her here, send her an email. Or write her a letter.

How small exactly do you write? Six point font? Five point? Smaller than that?

It's pretty tiny. The size of the sheet of paper is 1″ x 1.5″ and I can fit 5 or 6 sentences on it.

What kind of pen do you use?

I write with a Micron 005, the smallest tip they make.

Where did you get such a tiny desk? Is it for dolls? Or midgets?

The tiny wooden roll-top desk is actually an American Girl Doll desk. It's pretty amazing, huh? There are even little cubbies and drawers!

Do you actually send the tiny letters through the mail? I wonder if the US Postal Service has a minimum allowable envelope size.

My tiny letters are much smaller than the minimum allowable size. I send them in a larger envelope to keep them safe and sound. I also need the larger envelope for the magnifying glass that comes with the letter.

Do people ever think you are crazy?

People certainly seem to open their eyes really wide in disbelief when they stumble upon my tiny post office.

How many tiny letters have you transcribed so far?

I have transcribed over 3,000 tiny letters.

It says on your website that you stamp peoples' initials onto the wax seal. What do you use to stamp the initials with?

I use vintage letterpress type, the kind used in old manual printing presses.

I see that you accept orders for custom wedding and party invitations. Has anyone actually ordered teeny, tiny party invitations?

Yes! I've done a few batches of party and wedding invitations. For large orders, I offer custom design work to make something extra special that fits with the occasion.

I also see that you considered hummingbirds as a delivery method. What about carrier pigeons? Or are those too big?

Carrier pigeons would definitely be too big. What if they accidentally swallowed the letter!

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