GCI 2011:

What's in a name? Many, many syllables when it comes to “Royal Princess Cheddarella Regiano” or “Did you jam your cheesecake in to my sandwich?” These were two of the more elaborately named winners in this year's Grilled Cheese Invitational, where sandwiches like “Pelian's Lament (#2)” and “Something To Lime Home About” are par for the course.

Amid the hundreds of contenders last Saturday, the Royal Princess took 4th place in Missionary (Amateur) and the Cheesecake took 1st place in the Honey Pot (Professional). But when it comes to monikers, whether lyrical, punny or profane, they had plenty of competition — from “Something to Lime Home About,” “MikeDeese Grilled Cheese,” “Don't Make Wet My Box” and “Hooker's Delight,” which gets its raunchy name from Hook's 10-year cheddar.

Full list of winners after jump including the expanding professional division, where the competition was fiercer than ever but The Oaks Gourmet Market, The Standard, Daily Dose, Kitchen 24 and, naturally, The Grilled Cheese Truck made a fine showing.

GCI 2011: Sandwich

2011 Amateur Competitor Results

Love, American Style

1. Smile! Say Cheese! – America, The Sandwich

2. My Big Fat Greek Kitchen – My Mama Loves Me

3. Grace Ave Grills – Your Mom

4. Cheeseybeards – Stubbles

Missionary Category

1. Cheesy Melty Goodness – The Lucky Pierre

2. No Jodas! – Balthasar

3. Hobson's Choice – Missionary Deliciousness

4. Princess Cheddarella Regiano – Royal Princess Cheddarella Regiano

Kama Sutra Category

1. Super Duper Zung Chung – Fromage Connection

2. Cheesy Charlie – Mi Scusi

3. Team Combs! – Pelian's Lament (#2)

4. Grilled Cheese? Bitch Please! – Go Verde!

Honey Pot Category

1. The 2009 Champions And Creators Of Mivens – The Return of the Mivens

2. Not Now Never – i-scream!

3. The Man of Manchego – Something To Lime Home About

4. Real Kahlilfornia Cheese – Sweet Heat

2011 Pro Competitor Results

Professional Love, American Style

1. CheesePeople – Don't Make Wet My Box

2. The Oaks Gourmet Market – Hooker's Delight

3. The GrilledCheezGuy – MikeDeese Grilled Cheese

4. Cheese = Love – Always keep them guessing?

Professional Missionary Category

1. The GrilledCheezGuy – The Brick's Trick

2. m2rockinchef – The Sexiest Grilled Cheese Ever

3. Cheezy Nerdz – Foe Cheezy

4. Daily Dose Squared – Herbed and Grassfed

Professional Kama Sutra Category

1. m2rockinchef – The Castro-Maestro

2. The Grilled Cheese Truck – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

3. Flori – From Texas With Love

4. Team Standard – the melted mushroom

Professional Honey Pot Category

1. Kitchen 24 – Did you jam your cheesecake in to my sandwich?

2. The Oaks Gourmet Market – You only hurt the ones you love

3. Cheezy Nerdz – Berry Cheezy

4. Cedar Grove Cheese Experiment – Land of milk and honey

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