Rolling a blunt is a complicated art. Compared to regular rolling papers for joints, cigar wraps (which are made from tobacco leaves) aren’t as wide, and they’re harder to bend. Rolling a blunt thus requires dexterity and serious hand-eye coordination. Opportunities to mess up abound.

Toke has been taught how to roll a blunt many, many times, but the skill never quite took. Still, we prefer blunts, which have several advantages over joints: They hit smoother and slower, and almost always taste better, even compared to the recent wave of “all-natural” rolling papers. So why does pretty much every dispensary in Los Angeles sell pre-rolled joints, but not a one sells pre-rolled blunts?


Actually, Toke found a dispensary on Weed Maps called Los Angeles Wellness Center, in Inglewood, that purports to offer pre-rolled blunts for $8 a pop. Imagine our intense disappointment, then, when LAWC budtender Demar admits the shop doesn’t offer them anymore.

“They weren’t selling much,” he says. “People would see ’em and be like, ‘I wanna roll them myself.’ I guess they just like being hands on.”

So then we called marijuana lawyer Stewart Richlin, who says there's nothing in state or local cannabis regulations that would stop dispensaries from legally offering pre-rolled blunts. Of course, any pot shop would need to acquire a tobacco resale license, but many already sell swishers and cigarillos, so either they have acquired the necessary license or they don’t really care about getting one. (After all, only 135 of LA’s estimated 600 collectives are operating legally to begin with.) 

Another issue is that blunts have a much shorter shelf life than joints, so dispensaries might need to roll a new batch every few mornings to keep their product from going stale. Still, we’ve heard that blunts can be frozen and then later thawed out without any big effect on the quality.

Our point? Stoners are lazy, and thus someone out there should take advantage and start selling pre-rolled blunts. Toke, for one, might even be willing to drive to the Valley for such an item. Well, maybe.

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