In case you haven't been paying attention, everything '80s is in again. Pegged jeans, neon sunglasses, rubber bracelets and Hammer pants. Rue the day pastel shaker sweaters make another appearance. However, in this case, with the bad comes the good and we can be grateful for the return of Patti Astor and her FUN Gallery, now reinvented West Coast style and relaunching at a fund-raising event courtesy of Meltdown Comics. Ms. Astor knows a few things about cool. You may recognize her as “the reporter” in Charlie Ahearn's seminal film Wild Style, and as an original art scenester in N.Y.'s Lower East Side she partied with the likes of Debbie Harry and Fab Five Freddy. She was one of the first to recognize Graf and Street art as viable, consequently opening FUN gallery in a friend's unused space and giving then-unknowns Keith Haring and Jean Michel-Basquiat their first one-man shows. In this latest venture, almost 80 top names, old and new, east and west, will show and sell to help to fund the new space. Let's party like it's 1985!

Mondays-Sundays. Starts: Sept. 4. Continues through Oct. 1, 2009

LA Weekly