Yes, one half of Whitley Kros is Mrs. Beck, Marissa Ribisi. The other half is Sophia Banks, Marissa's long-time friend. Beck was of course, the musical director for the show. He did a great job as you can imagine, with two turntables and a microphone, he stayed up int he DJ booth and let his wife have her time in the spotlight. Friends of the Becks', including Marissa's brother Giovanni, Jason Lee and his mustache, Kirstie Alley and Juliette Lewis in skinny jeans, a sparkly sequined vest over a white tank. Lewis has really stayed true to her style. NO matter what she has on, she always manages to look a little quirky. But on Lewis, quirky is so adorable.

The collection was really colorful, big, bold and bright. Most of it reminded me of Working Girl you know secretary-ware circa 1980. Cobalt blue, high waisted silk skirt with a paler electric blue silk blouse. There were a lot of blouses in the collection. The kind of stuff that even hipsters didn't buy when they were raping vintage shops for 80s rejects. Who knows, maybe all those hipsters are now rethinking those Joan Cusack blouses… maybe white sneakers with skirts will be the next big thing at nightclubs across the city.

But there were some very sexy pieces, shift dresses, a caftan, there were leggings with over-sized tops, and striped sweaters all in day-glo colors and my fav the guitar t-shirt.

Somehow seeing Ribisi and Banks in Whitley Kros at the end of the show made the collection seem a lot wearable than it did on the models.

LA Weekly