Instead, it was the look-inside-yourself call to arms I heard at Arcade Fire that spoke to me. Like a good preacher, Butler got our attention first, then asked us to act. “Sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is. Sleeping is giving in, so lift those heavy eyelids” (“Rebellion”).

I left the show with my eyes open, and decided to move outside my musical comfort zone, heading to raver dance tents and hip-hop rap-offs, to see if the feeling would transcend. It did, for rest of the festival. I felt that oneness. I felt a wave rebuilding. The machine is so broken now, it’s almost redundant to rage against it. What’s left is to fight the power in our own quieter lives.Much more Coachella coverage:Nightranger by Lina Lecaro  (and additional Nightranger photos)Live in L.A.: Rage against the Machine and Lemonheads by Kate SullivanMy First and Last Coachella by Daniel HernandezGirls' Night Out by Judith LewisCobrasnake's Coachella party photosAnd Linda Immediato's full festival diary:  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

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