If you didn't already know, the Downtown Independent is the best place near Skid Row to see the finest independent movies, revival films, and left field electronic-based music. A few weeks back when Werner Herzog stopped by during the premiere of his bizarre amazingfest, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?, ol Herzy was impressed. “It iz nice to zee zat downtown iz comink back,” Herzog said, I think. He didn't really sound like Pepé Le Pew, but he was quite a delight, and approved heartily of the Downtown Indie's vision (which does include Herzog double features all week of My Son, and the Nic Cage police thing, Bad Lieutenant. Herzog likes to party (we assume) and he'd probably like Friday's Party at the Movies, featuring “electro, dubstep, drum & bass, ambient, chiptune, gabber, idm, & video collage and a screening of Holographic Watermelon.” West Coast Sound doesn't really know what that means (we actually do), but the lineup looks juicy, especially with headliners, electro-freakazoids, We Are the World.

Just don't mix Junior Mints and beer. Something bad could happen.

Video explosion after the jump

Not directed by Herzog.


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