Single ladies! We've got nothing but good news for you today. Not only did we find you a dating website where the highest bidder pays you to go on a date with him (it's about time your blue eyes and cup size start funding those expensive computer classes — amiright?!), but the very same website has proven that you can determine personality type based on beer selection alone.

What a relief. No more scrapbooking his horoscope to predict turn-ons and turn-offs. Put away the needlepoint you were consulting to see if he's more into 'dinner and a movie' than 'long walks on the beach.' Now you can know whether your guy is a “Manly-Man” or a “Hopeless Romantic” based on what he puts in his koozie.

Using highly scientific survey skills from state-of-the-art Swiss engineers, asked 4,000 men what beers they ordered on a date, while the ladies selected which personality type best applied to their man. So is it Guinness that you reach for to impress your honey? Or how about a nice Dos Equis to show how worldly you are? And let's not forget the great equalizer, Bud Light.

Good thing Blue Moon's duplicate listing didn't misconstrue the polling data — then the study wouldn't be reliable, would it. Oh, and gentlemen, stick around for the survey that uses wine varietals to indicate whether or not she's going to put out.

“The Manly Man”

Favorite Beer: Guinness

Personality Type: Alpha Male

The “Hopeless Romantic”

Favorite Beer: Blue Moon

Personality Type: Romantic

The “Party Boy”

Favorite Beer: Bud Light

Personality Type: Social

The “Geek”

Favorite Beer: Dos Equis

Personality Type: Nerdy

The “Free-Spirit”

Favorite Beer: Corona

Personality Type: Adventurous

The “Conservative”

Favorite Beer: Budweiser

Personality Type: Old-Fashioned

The “Jock”

Favorite Beer: Miller Light

Personality Type: Athletic

The “Nice Guy”

Favorite Beer: Blue Moon

Personality Type: Nice

The “Comedian”

Favorite Beer: Heineken

Personality Type: Cynical

The “Hipster”

Favorite Beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Personality Type: Trendy

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