Every stoner has his or her preferred method of cannabis consumption: joints, blunts, spliffs, pipes, bongs, vaporizers, edibles, G-pens, etc. Equally numerous are the different strains, and the typical ganja enthusiast is as educated as most wine connoisseurs.

Here at West Coast Sound we and our colleagues have talked with many members of weed's primary demographic — ie, rappers — and so we searched our archives, as well as those of other fine publications, to put together this list of MCs and their preferred marijuana vintages and smoking method. The results will surprise and delight you.

Snoop Dogg (Lion); Credit: Andrew Youssef

Snoop Dogg (Lion); Credit: Andrew Youssef

Snoop Dogg

Preferred Strain: “Purp” (Granddaddy Purple)

Snoop loves his blunts. He says he's smoked as much as an ounce in a single blunt, and in any case prefers to microwave them for exactly 11 seconds, as we know from one his many interviews with Nardwuar. He's also claimed to smoke exactly 81 times a day, seven days a week. (A Reddit user also asked him how long it takes to do his hair, to which he replied, “10 blunts.”) In any case, his line of Executive Branch cigarillos (the promotional song actually isn't that bad) should make his habit more cost effective. When it comes to munchies, his favorites are BBQ Twists, and he says Skittles are the cure for cottonmouth.

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B-Real; Credit: Camraface/B-Real TV

B-Real; Credit: Camraface/B-Real TV


Preferred Strain: OG Kush, Dr. Greenthumb's EmDog OG

B-Real's been stoned since the beginning of his career, and has helped take marijuana culture mainstream with nearly every verse. When he's not smoking a “Giggle Stick” (weed rolled in hash) or what he calls the “Birthday Cake,” B-Real usually smokes joints of OG Kush using “Cypress Hill's Phuncky Feel Tips,” hand-blown glass tips for your joints.

B-Real has also partnered with Humboldt Seed Organization and in-house Cypress Hill grower Keif Sweat to make his own strain of weed: Dr. Greenthumb's EmDog OG. We want to be friends with Keif.

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Alchemist; Credit: Decon Records

Alchemist; Credit: Decon Records


Preferred Strain: Girl Scout Cookies

Legendary, L.A.-based producer Alchemist often has a hankering for some Girl Scout Cookies — the weed kind and, presumably, the actual kind dispensed by the be-smocked members of the youth organization as well. If you take a minute to listen to the latest record from Gangrene, his duo with producer Oh No, you'll learn that Al prefers his “spliff[s] longer than a hockey stick.” We hear they're great for productivity.

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Schoolboy Q; Credit: Timothy Norris

Schoolboy Q; Credit: Timothy Norris

Schoolboy Q

Preferred Strain: OG Kush

Though there were reports that Schoolboy quit smoking last year, from a recent interview on Sway In The Morning it's clear he's picked up the habit once again. And if he's resumed his preferred brand, he's puffing on blunts full of OG Kush using Backwoods Cigarillos. He definitely doesn't prefer “Schoolboy Q OG,” the strain named for him that he says he's found at dispensaries around L.A. He says: “Schoolboy Q OG is wack.”

Wiz Khalifa

Preferred Strain: Khalifa Kush

Wiz Khalifa might not be from here, but he's been about Cali kush for a long time, and he has a house out here in Agoura Hills now. We've also seen him out smoking at L.A. events a couple of times in the last few weeks alone. Unlike his stoned mentor Snoop, Wiz prefers Zig Zags to blunts. And if he has things his way, his joints will be filled with Khalifa Kush, the strain he says was created with his preferences in mind. Beyond that, he's no stranger to strains Sour Diesel or Headband, and is also down with a number edibles.

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