With the new high-strength CBD oils out there, what’s the path to getting the strongest CBD experience? We’ll explain.

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Now that CBD oil comes in much higher strength options, you have choices to make. You may wonder whether you need to switch to a different type of CBD oil or simply go up to a higher mg of CBD. And what’s the strongest CBD you can get? Do you need that? Let’s take a look.

What Makes a CBD Oil ‘Strong’?

CBD oil strength is measured in terms of milligrams of CBD per bottle of CBD oil product. Marked on the bottle you’ll see something like: 1500 mg CBD oil. This means that in that bottle there are 1500 milligrams of concentrated CBD cannabinoids. There may also be other kinds of cannabinoids included in the formula – THC, for example in all formulas marked full spectrum – but these are not included in the milligrams of CBD per bottle. Strength refers only to the amount of CBD.

However, these milligrams aren’t the only factor in CBD oil strength, which is important to understand. Here are a few things that affect CBD strength:

  1. How many servings are in each bottle. A 3000 mg bottle with 60 servings will be just as strong per serving as a 1500 mg bottle with 30 servings.
  2. Whether you take a full CBD dose at each time, morning and night.
  3. Whether or not you take a quick additional serving in the middle of your day. If you take any CBD gummies or other supplementation, as well, this increases the amount of CBD in your body.
  4. Are you taking broad spectrum CBD or full spectrum CBD? Full spectrum contains the powerful combo CBD + THC and because this initiates the entourage effect, it can be stronger for the user. You can take full spectrum in CBD tinctures or CBD softgels, both of which have a variety of strengths and flavors to choose from.
  5. Are you taking extra THC In terms of supplemental Delta 9 THC products? If so, your body is getting this extra boost as well.
  6. Lastly, are you using a pure product? Stick with reputable manufacturers who use best growing, manufacturing, formulation, and testing practices for the best CBD potencies.

Therefore, the strongest CBD you can take is the highest strength (milligrams CBD per bottle) at a full recommended serving with formulas that are full spectrum and contain the powerful CBD + THC combination. Additional Delta 9 THC products or CBD gummies can intensify your experience and prolong effects between CBD doses. Doing all of this will give you the strongest CBD experience.

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What Does the Dosage Mean?

Aside from the strength of the oils you choose, the dosage is also important. We mentioned earlier that how much you take at each serving time affects your experience. What equates to one full serving will be labeled on the particular CBD product you are using, as well as how much CBD there is per dose if you’re taking one full serving at a time.

CBD dosage is important because if you know exactly how much CBD you take each time, it’s easy to transition to different CBD strengths if you need to do so, or to use the most helpful CBD supplementals like microdosing capsules or edibles like CBD gummies. It’s OK to layer your CBD products, but you do need to know what you are doing as far as daily intake so you can make the appropriate adjustments as needed.

To calculate CBD dosage:

[number of milligrams CBD per bottle] ÷ [number of servings per bottle] = CBD dosage per serving

General rule of thumb: Higher dosage = higher strength when comparing broad spectrum to broad spectrum or full spectrum to full spectrum.

Choosing the Right CBD Oil for Yourself

Choose CBD strength based on your current needs:

  • How much help you need with calm or sleep.
  • Your current activity levels, need for athletic support or post-workout recovery or help with soreness, etc.
  • Your level of need for mood support.
  • The size of your body and metabolism.
  • Your current knowledge of CBD strengths you’ve taken.

CBD now comes in strengths all the way up to 6000 and 7500 mg per bottle. Choose strength based on need and flavor based on preferences.

Note: Your doctor is part of the conversation. When you’re deciding on whether CBD is right for you, if you need a high-strength option, or if you need to stick with broad spectrum over full spectrum, your doctor knows your medical profile and can help advise you.

Do You Need a Stronger CBD Formula?

Sometimes simply switching from broad spectrum CBD to full spectrum CBD or adding in an afternoon CBD gummy is enough to get more out of your CBD.

But if you’ve been trying to get more out of your CBD and simply taking a little more (or different forms of CBD) isn’t doing the trick, the good news is that high-strength CBD options are now here for people just like you. So you can get the strongest CBD experience more efficiently and at a better price.

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