If you’re looking for non-addictive pain relief, some products are clearly superior. Let’s take a look at what CBD options may be best for your pain.

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How CBD Affects Your Pain

CBD doesn’t work like traditional pain medications. It doesn’t mask pain or dull your ability to feel pain, and it doesn’t carry some of the worries of pain medications – serious side effects or potential addictive responses. CBD is naturally sourced from plants and has a very different effect on your pain. In fact, it helps by helping your whole body.

  • CBD targets your body’s systems, helping them to function more evenly and in a more balanced way. For some people, simply making the body more efficient helps them to be more mobile and active, which, in turn, often helps lessen pain.
  • CBD supports your sleep. As you likely know, your ability to sleep soundly and well affects how much and how often you have pain. Improve your sleep, improve your pain levels.
  • CBD also relaxes your body. Pain tenses you, which makes the pain worse. It’s your body’s natural way of slowing you down and making you pay attention to a problem. But with CBD, your body is more calm and relaxed, which seems to reduce pain.

Because CBD has non-addictive and natural properties, many people use oral CBD products to help manage aches and pains and use topical CBD solutions with added pain-killing ingredients to treat localized pain and soreness. In combination, this pairing of inner body support and outer pain relief can help you to start feeling better and get back to enjoying a more active life.

What CBD Products Should You Buy?

For every type of discomfort, there’s a CBD product that’s perfect for relief. But you may not know exactly what to buy or which is best for pain. Here’s a nutshell version to point you in the right direction:

  1. For occasional aches and pains in a particular area, like a knee for example, then a topical CBD cream can make a big difference for you. Apply it as needed for relief. These creams often contain other pain-fighting ingredients and botanicals like histamine dihydrochloride, arnica, and menthol.
  2. For ongoing and more widespread pain, the cbdMD MAX for pain is the best choice. cbdMD MAX contains Univestin (clinically proven herbal blend of Chinese skullcap and acacia) to help combat your pain. This high-potency CBD + Univestin helps to relieve muscle soreness and improve joint comfort and flexibility.

Using CBD as Part of Your Pain Management Care

Once you have your topical creams and your cbdMD MAX for Pain, you’ll need to begin using your CBD for pain in the ways they are intended. Read the instructions and materials that come with your CBD products and always use them as directed.

For many people, it takes some time to get the body stabilized, which is a little different than the one-and-wait method of taking pain medication. CBD takes time, levels out in your system with regular use, and provides ongoing support. Be patient. Getting it right is worth it!

Topical CBD Creams

For the topicals it’s really quite simple: apply the topical creams to the area where you are experiencing pain and reapply as needed. If you bathe or shower the product off your skin you can reapply it to your skin after you dry off. It also helps to apply the cream before you go to bed so you can get relief during those crucial sleeping hours.

cbdMD MAX for Pain

For the oral CBD products, it takes a little more preparation and planning. If you take too much CBD too quickly you may experience some minor side effects. This is why we recommend working your way up to the potent doses of cbdMD MAX for pain, which contains an impressive 200 mg CBD + 4 mg THC per serving.

There are two ways you can do this:

Using Other CBD Products as Stepping Stones

Use a lesser-strength CBD tincture to work your way up to the high-level CBD milligrams of the cbdMD MAX. If you’re brand new to CBD, this may be the best route for you. You’ll take morning and night doses, increasing the doses by small amounts every few days to work your way up to the CBD + THC milligrams per dose that provides the relief you need.

Calculate the milligrams per dose each time you make a change to the dosage so you know how much CBD you are getting each morning and each night, and so you’ll know if you’re nearing the levels of CBD that the cbdMD MAX for pain offers.

cbdMD MAX for Pain Partial Doses

cbdMD MAX for pain offers the high-strength CBD (+ Univestin) that you need to manage ongoing and persistent pain and soreness, although you may need to work up to taking a full dose, just like you would for other CBD products.

A full dose is two tablets, so you can start with one a day, or you can take one in the morning and one in the evening to pace yourself. The tablets also have a center groove so you can split them, if you’re being extra cautious.

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