This week Joanna Newsom dropped a bombshell on the ever-thirsty gossip carnivores of the internet: She was not going to be on the Simpsons. The rumors had been swirling around like a chain letter for a while, but yesterday the Northern California string plucker put the kibosh on the whole thing: “”Regrettably, the awesome rumor of my upcoming cameo on The Simpsons is unfounded. I remain, however, steadfast as always in my commitment to the character of Lisa, whom I have of course had the privilege of voicing for the last twenty-one years, in my dreams. Thanks for the memories, gang!”

The rumor first arrived via a Malibu Magazine article, which has now been corrected. But this news is bad news for Simpsons fans, (that is, people who watched the show 10 years ago, and have only seen a handful of episodes since, but still hold on to the nostalgia of the show's heyday), because surely a Newsom cameo could have been hilarious. Would she have fallen in love with Otto? Could Lisa finally come out of the closet during a moonlight walk with Newsom? Would she do a duet with Scratchy, while Newsom played harp oh his whiskers? The possibilities are endless, and got us thinking?

What other musicians would you like to see on the Simpsons?

We've have a few suggestions:


Plotline: Bart decides that he wants to join Gwar after Balsac the Jaws of Death goes on hiatus for lap band surgery. Bart runs away from home teams up with the Slave Pit, but learns the value of his own family while after an special heart to heart with Oderus Urungus' crotch cuttlefish.

Best Coast

Plotline: Santa's Little Helper has a dream where he meets Best Coast's famous cat, Snacks, and falls in love. The two are whisked away into inter-species version of Brokeback Mountian, culminating in Snacks putting on SLH's collar and yelling “I can't quit you,” in kitty voice.

Rick James:

Plotline: Ralph Wiggims drinks some radioactive runoff from the nuclear power plant, which Bart has bottled up and labeled “Cool Juice.” The elixir surprisingly has its intended effect and Wiggims becomes cool within seconds. He quickly starts a band called the Ghost of Rick James and is haunted by the actual specter of the funk icon, who wants to join Wiggim's band. (Dave Chappelle would voice the late Mr. James, of course)


Plotline: A meteor is on a collision course with Springfield and after an unlikely brainstorming session between Otto, the comic book guy, and Professor Fink, the only solution would be to gather the world's drummers together for the biggest Boadrum lead by Boredoms, to create a sonic boom that would destroy the meteor before impact.

What other bands would you like to see on the Simpsons? Let us know in the comments.

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