Even the fast-food sector can cash in on the trend toward “natural” food. Wendy's fancified French fries, introduced in November, have proven to be a whopping success. The chain revamped their stock potato product, replacing the standard fry with a crisper, thinner version cut from Russet potatoes, left with its skin on and sprinkled with sea salt.

Since the “gourmet” fries hit the menu, orders with fries rose almost 10% per 100 transactions, reports Ad Age. It's an especially impressive number considering how sales of French fries at fast-food restaurants have steadily dropped since 2007.

The fries came with a massive ad campaign, featuring the tagline “You know when it's real.” It's hardly “the platonic ideal of French fries” achieved by FarmShop or the local, sustainable, “fully traceable” mantra of Daily Dose, but as die-hard addicts of fast-food fries, it's a step in the right direction. Now, if only Wendy's could do something about their limpid, freakishly square burger patties…

LA Weekly