Weird Soda: Squamscot Mistletoe MistIt won't poison you or compel anyone to kiss you. It won't send mommy rushing into Santa's arms. In fact, it probably won't remind you of Christmas at all.

We've spent January trying to bring Christmas back into our hearts, but Squamscot's Mistletoe Mist, despite its festive name and the mistletoe drawings on its label, doesn't capture the Christmas spirit in a bottle.

soda tastes like lemon and lime tinged with berry flavor, not like the ghost of Christmas past. Maybe it's a problem of expectations. We see a Christmas drink and we expect nutmeg, pine needles and the crushing resentment of familial expectations. Instead, we get something akin to Berry 7-Up.

Made by New Hampshire-based Squamscot, Mistletoe Mist is a drinkable but run-of-the-mill lemon-lime concoction coasting on sentimentality not originality.


(3 stars out of 5)

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