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Ty Dolla $ign — aka Ty$ — is one of our favorite R&B singers. He also has a great name. Danielle Bacher had a wild night with him. He's on Atlantic Records and also wrote, produced, and sang on Y.G.'s hit “Toot It and Boot It.”

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So, we were pumped for the listening party for his latest mixtape, the DJ Drama hosted Beach House 2, out on July 1st. The listening party was held at Paramount Studios in West Hollywood last night, and there was to be something called “potcorn.”

Santa Monica Blvd. was packed with cars and people, a party after the supreme court overturned Proposition 8. (Yay!) From the outside, you'd never guess the weathered and nondescript building housed a high-end recording studio.

While we waited for stragglers, we drank free cocktails and listened to popular Ty$ songs like “Tricks” and “Weekend,” off his 2012 collaborative mixtape Whoop!, with Joes Moses and ratchet producer extraordinaire DJ Mustard (“Rack City,” “I'm Different”).

Ty Dolla $ign (Left), Wiz Khalifa (Right); Credit: Max Bell

Ty Dolla $ign (Left), Wiz Khalifa (Right); Credit: Max Bell

Before long there was a big crowd, including many beautiful women (especially the bartender, no T-Pain). We also saw genre stars like DJ Mustard and, cloaked in his hooded white pull-over sweater, R&B singer Mario (“Let Me Love You”). Also in attendance was Wiz Khalifa (“Black & Yellow”), who's featured on Beach House 2. Apparently he couldn't wait for the potcorn, because he was sparking countless blunts.

Just after 9 pm Ty$ — dressed in all black with blunt and drink in hand — briefly introduced Beach House 2 and played the mixtape. There was ton of energy, and Ty$ and his crew smiled and danced. The heat and the weed smoke was thick, so much so that some people left the room.

Ty Dolla $ign; Credit: Max Bell

Ty Dolla $ign; Credit: Max Bell

Beach House 2 sounds good, especially inside of the recording studio — the bass made your body vibrate to the beat.

The tropes explored on the record essentially remain the same (i.e. sex, liquor, sex, weed, sex), but Ty$'s singing is excellent, and the beats expand on the atmospheric trap R&B sound of the first Beach House. Besides recent Atlantic Records signee/Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates, the tape also features Juicy J, Joe Moses and YG.

The vibe was relaxed and friendly, some of which probably had to do with the bags of medicinal “mini White Cheddar PotCorn” (courtesy of Big Sexy Bakery) that were handed out. (See more on Big Sexy's Bakery here.)

Credit: Max Bell

Credit: Max Bell

We shared a bag of it with two ladies; it tasted exactly how marijuana smoke smells sprinkled with white cheddar. Although that description might only have made sense to us because we were high.

The bag's label claimed “1-2 hours of relief,” but it should have read, “relief in 1-2 hours.” That said, when it hit us it hit us hard, and the “relief” lasted a long, long time.

When the listening party ended, Ty$ stayed around to talk and take pictures: we even shared some more potcorn. We were then given gift bags courtesy of clothing company Pink Dolphin — a coin purse and silk scarf, and there was a medicinal marijuana brownie (also from Big Sexy Bakery).

Personal Bias: I've enjoyed nearly all of the releases from Ty$'s crew Pushaz Ink.

Random Notebook Dump: The studio's kitchen was stocked with bagels, chocolate chip cookies, and coffee.

See also: I Hung Out With Ty$ the Other Night. Things Got Out of Hand

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