Subtitling a book as going “from ___ to ___ and back again” usually implies some sort of magical voyage involving valuable lessons about the happiest way to piss rainbows. Tonight, a week before National Record Store Day , Gary Calamar and Phil Gallo sign their book Record Store Days: From Vinyl to Digital and Back Again. In L.A., this journey means that over the years we lost Aron's, Beat Non-Stop, Benway Music, Bleecker Bob's, DB Cooper's, Destroy All Music, Go Boy, Green Hell, House of Records, Middle Earth, No Life, Off Beat, Peanuts, Record Surplus, Rhino, the SST Superstore, Licorice Pizza and Zed Records. So, before you shoot up with a phonograph needle to get your vinyl fix, be sure to thank Calamar, the music supervisor for Six Feet Under, and music scribe Gallo, for chronicling memories of R.E.M.'s Peter Buck (who wrote the foreword), record-store clerks who made fun of your Kenny Loggins selections and industry execs' reminiscences.

Sat., April 10, 5 p.m., 2010

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