The tale of Lloyd Morris' arrest alone is enough to make the Glendale PD history books.

When a cop showed up to his house on Edmonton Road last Thursday morning, the suspect allegedly flipped a bitch, becoming “combative and aggressive” and daring the officer to shoot him. “The officer was finally able to subdue Morris with a Taser,” reports KTLA — but not before “he allegedly tried to spit on and bite” his arrestor.

A fittingly psycho finale to Morris' midnight rampage:

Surveillance video from the nearby 7-Eleven on Broadway shows a man who is believed to be Morris ramming his janky old Thunderbird into three nicely dressed young guys and their Mercedes-Benz.

On second ram, the video shows the Thunderbird slam straight into one of the men, lifting him over the hood and onto the Benz.

Police have provided two different angles of Lloyd's (alleged) psychotic tear: From the side and from the front. However, embedding is disabled, so here's the KTLA clip:

After 15 seconds of terror, the victims are able to pull themselves together and climb back into the car, at which point police say they followed Morris long enough to jot down his license plate number. Investigators then traced that number back to his residence on Edmonton.

But we want a motive. What could possibly elicit this caliber of road rage? The Glendale News-Press reports:

The alleged victims told officers that Morris approached them just before midnight outside a 7-Eleven in the 1100 block of East Broadway, opened the Ford's trunk and tried to sell them an old TV, apparently to get money to buy beer.

Morris, a 55-year-old white guy, has been jailed on suspicion of “attempted murder,” says a Glendale Police Department release. He is suspected of being drunk at the time of the rampage. Ya think?

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