Vegan Al Fresco Trey: Rising Memphis rapper Fresco Trey has released new single and video “Vegan” through Warner Records.

The title is a play on word, with Trey describing himself as an introvert who keeps to himself and doesn’t beef (“I’m basically vegan”).

According to the press release, “’Vegan’ is all about atmosphere and melody. Ominous keys and rumbling bass underline Trey’s anxieties and ambitions. ‘I’ve been in a dark place for too long,’ he admits right out of the gate. Still, he’s hopeful—and hardly vengeful. ‘I don’t beef,’ he casually boasts, ‘I’m basically vegan.’ His wit is as potent as his flow, which—alongside the airy production—gives the song a hypnotic vibe.”
About the track, Trey shared, “I have always prided myself on being a solid and genuine person in all areas of my life.  I honestly have never been one to beef with anyone.  I just do right by everyone I come in contact with and stay in my lane. When it comes to beef, I’m Vegan, I don’t beef with nobody! After every performance, I deliver the same message, “If we show more love than hate, the world will be great.”
Vegan Al Fresco Trey: Fresco Trey’s “Vegan is out now.



























































































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