VANA Botanicals: The Non-Toxic Movement Driving Skincare

Nature has everything we need, which is why Ayurveda relies entirely on natural ingredients. This age-old alternative medicine has become a storehouse of remedies for all our health issues, and the skin is not an exception. Ayurveda has some of the best skincare remedies that can be treasures to people fighting common skin concerns like breakouts, large pores, dryness, wrinkles, etc. VANA Botanicals, a skincare brand founded by South Asian women, is introducing the goodness of nature in all its products that are clinically tested to be safe on all skin types. American socialite and media personality, Kylie Jenner, is associated with this brand for its amazing range of products that delivers everything it promises.

“VANA” in Ayurveda means “forest”. As the name suggests, VANA Botanicals brings the goodness of traditional skincare remedies using modern technology to make them accessible to all. The brand believes that nature has many secrets that can cure almost all health concerns. As a reservoir of medicinal ingredients, Mother Nature has everything you need to have naturally healthy and glowing skin. You just need a medium to reach those ingredients and pick the one that’s right for your skin. VANA Botanicals is acting as the medium here, bringing the goodness of Ayurvedic skincare in a bottle.

While every other skincare brand promises natural ingredients but is loaded with harmful preservatives, VANA Botanicals offers all-natural products. Unlike other brands that reveal only the main ingredients and keep the chemical preservatives hidden from the public eye, VANA Botanicals lets you know the complete content of each product. This way, you will understand what you are feeding your skin and the impact it will have. All products by VANA Botanicals are made using organic ingredients sourced directly from nature. Every ingredient is handpicked and tested to ensure you get the best results for your skin right after a few applications.

VANA Botanicals blends modern technologies with traditional methods to redefine skincare. It is a women-owned brand on a mission to explore the unexplored secrets of nature to create products that will offer visible results instead of fake promises. To figure out the best ingredients that can transform modern skincare, VANA Botanicals has tested and discarded more than 2000 ingredients found to be toxic. Their products are not just dermatologically tested but are also vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and synthetic fragrance-free.

The brands know that every skin has a different story so it has introduced a range of natural products for different skin types and concerns. The products are sustainable and reflect 100 percent results. VANA Botanicals wants people to know that picking the right product is the first step to getting healthy, glowing skin. Viral skincare trends will come and go, but the age-old science behind Ayurveda will remain unbeatable because it uses the power of nature to heal without side effects.

Recently, the famous American media personality Kylie Jenner supported VANA Botanicals on its mission to redefine skincare with natural ingredients. She has also announced a giveaway with the brand to ensure the magic of VANA Botanicals reaches more people. Currently offering an amazing collection of serums and moisturisers, VANA Botanicals looks forward to expanding its range and also reaching retail outlets to become more accessible to people. VANA Botanicals aims to be the go-to name in skincare globally in the coming years.

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