Check out this vampire heart pierced with a (removable) wooden stake.

It was made by taxidermy artist Sarina Brewer, who was in town here in Los Angeles recently for an exhibit of her work and other taxidermy artists in the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists.

The heart is a preserved animal heart. Can you guess what kind of animal?

A pig!

Brewer doesn't kill the animals, just uses ones that would otherwise be thrown away (roadkill, for instance). She says, “Pig hearts are so similar to human hearts that they're routinely used as donor organs during heart valve replacement surgeries. This heart has been prepared through a special process which leaves it totally odorless and permanently preserved, insuring decades of your viewing pleasure.”

The wooden box comes with it. I love this piece.

When it says “vampire” heart display, that doesn't necessarily mean “human” vampire.

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