The East Is Red — er, make that Cardinal and Gold, now that USC's Office of Globalization is opening up digs in Shanghai. This is the university's fourth flag planted in Asia, joining offices already operating in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Tokyo. Later this year offices will be inaugurated in Seoul and Mumbai.

It's all about synergy, as there are parallels to USC's activities back in L.A. A press release notes that “the new office is located on the 27th floor of the high rise Chong Hing Financial Centre in the heart of Shanghai's central business district, over the hub of the city's sprawling subway system.” While, of course, the MTA will open a station of its Expo Line at USC — whenever the light-rail line gets rolling.

Further down, the press release quotes Adam Clayton Powell III, USC vice provost for globalization: “The opening of our office in Shanghai is a reflection of USC's many and deep connections to China.” Similarly, many of L.A.'s Chinatown restaurants are regular haunts for SC students and faculty — Yang Chow on Broadway, for example.

The release claims that USC is America's most popular university with

Chinese — 1,200 of whom enrolled at USC last year, with 2,100 alumni

residing in China. Don't expect, however, many poli-sci students to be

dropping by the 27th Floor of Chong Hing, which seems to be the

extended domain of USC's Marshall Business School

and the Viterbi Engineering School.

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