Updated, Again: Scoops opened yesterday, Thu., Dec. 1.

Update: Kang says Scoops didn't pass the inspection. He is making fixes and working for a Monday opening.

L.A. Creamery isn't the only high-end ice cream shop on the verge of opening. If Scoops Westside passes its health department inspection later today, the ice cream shop could open as soon as this Friday. If not, proprietor Matt Kang says he hopes to open no later than Monday.

Located on Overland Ave. a block south of Chego, the West L.A. outpost of the popular Hel-Mel ice creamery will offer seven flavors as well as seasonal creations like spiced pumpkin, ginger snap and eggnog. Plus, Scoops Westside (@scoopswestside) will feature creations concocted by gelato genius Tai Kim exclusively for the Westside location.

Credit: Matthew Kang

Credit: Matthew Kang

Kang hasn't decided precisely which flavors will be available on opening day, though he knows Brown Brown Bread will be among them. A variation on the popular Brown Bread flavor, which Kim created years ago for the original Scoops, Brown Brown Bread is made with Grape Nuts cereal, dulce de leche ice cream and caramel to give it a sweeter, more intensely caramel flavor.

Scoops Westside will also offer “pour-over” (individually made drip coffees prepared in a cone filter) Intelligentsia coffee in two blends, Ethiopian and Rwandan, which you can sip while you look at art by Cam Floyd.

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